A deep mental issue that might sabotage your success in a job interview or IELTS speaking test. First and foremost, have you had issues with expressing your thoughts in English where you can't seem to choose the right word? Or choose an appropriate phrase. Whether in a job interview or an IELTS speaking test,? An answer may lie in the field of psychology. There is a term'for'sabotaging your success'. Self-sabotage occurs when we destroy ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, or deliberately to hinder our own success and wellbeing by undermining personal goals and values (Brenner, 2019). It is “insidious, profound, and universal” and emanates from negative mindsets (Berg, 2015). I hope it's not too technical; I wanted to share a certain perspective on the topic from a researcher's perspective. Self-sabotage is rooted in counterproductive mindsets, including negativity, disorganization, indecisiveness, and negative self-talk. In today's podcast, my goal was to illustrate through my student's story how you can fail without noticing any reasons, and my deeper goal is to help you succeed. That's why you'll find a special bonus in the recording that can potentially help you, as it did for my student only after 15 minutes of our initial call. Listen to the recording; there is great value in it for you. As always, we are bettering and bettering every day and in every way. Anatoly
A deep mental issue that might sabotage your success in a job interview or IELTS speaking test.
27 de may. de 2024 15:37
This is a short story with some key vocabulary from Wonders G4 Week 2. Use it to build up your vocabulary and listening skills. I am not aware of a better way to accompany the podcast with a quiz, so I'll leave it here. Fill in the blanks with the following key words: a) affect, b) effected, c) accountable, d) responsible, e) advised, f) advice, g) desperately, h) desperate, i) hesitated, j) humiliated, k) embarrassed, l) inspiration, m) self-esteem, n) uncomfortably, o) uncomfortable 1. The bad weather may _____ our picnic plans tomorrow. 2. Jennie was a little shy so she _____ to ask her teacher questions. 3. If anything goes wrong in the kitchen you will be ____ for it. 4. My greatest ____ in music as a child was Mozart. 5. James was ____ when he stumbled over his untied shoe lace and his classmates laughed at him. 6. The town mayor ____ the construction of a new playground. 7. His phone rang in the cinema. He looked around ____. 8. This chair is so ____. I can't even sit in it. 9. The lost boy was ____ calling for his mum. 10. He was so angry that he said some things he never meant and _____ his friend. 11. Sam's mum let him watch over the sheep as he was the most ____ child in the family. 12. Her grandmother _____ her not to overthink things and to simply take action. 13. She never listens to the ____ her parents give her. 14. All of her friends thought her make-up was bad and as a result her ____ suffered. 15. Sam was ____ when he got his test result. He never thought it would be so bad. Answer key (look if you must): 1a,2i,3c,4l,5k,6b,7n,8o,9g,10j,11d,12e,13f,14m,15h
Wonders G4 Week 2 Vocabulary
25 de may. de 2024 9:42
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