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Psychological Training for Language Learners (IELTS, Job Interviews, Confidence Building). I started this recording with IELTS learners; however, it's something that ALL language learners CAN benefit from NOW. It is something that isn't talked about by English teachers (very few teachers do), the psychological aspects of success behind IELTS speaking, job interview successes, and confident communication in English or other languages. It is something about your head—how you think, feel, see, and hear; therefore, how you interpret reality—that is the key, the essential ingredient for a language learner's success and life overall. Please allow me to guide you along the process of softening towards your goals (sometimes people are too strict and too intense about it). My voice is gentle and deep, which will help you relax and feel at ease. Enjoy the journey and have fun, here is the recording: If you'll resonate with some of my ideas and you'll feel compelled to book my class, do so; no hesitation is needed; you are in safe hands with me. Be well and feeeeel good now...
29 de ene. de 2024 19:29