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🇰🇷 Seoul native 💼 Former English call center agent (2018-2022), now an online Korean tutor 🎓 Korean teaching certificate & a Bachelor's in Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language (2022-2023) ⏳ Over a year and a half of online teaching experience 🤝 Passionate about connecting through the Korean language 🙆‍♀️ISFJ, Podcast enthusiast, psychology book lover

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268 opiniones

95 clases de Coreano
Selección del profesor
Bit-Na is always patient with my off topic questions and long (half in korean) stories, she engages with the conversation but never lose focus of the lesson. I really appreciate that ability to encourage natural conversations while teaching structural topics such as grammar. 빛나씨 감사합니다
4 de oct de 2023
Stina Perschke
47 clases de Coreano
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I just completed my 35th lesson with 빛나! I always look forward to our sessions. Even though I am very shy when it comes to speaking foreign languages, 빛나 is very warm and gentle so I always feel at ease. Our sessions are so much fun as well! And of course, I have also learned a lot. 빛나 is very organised and adjusts the lessons to my level, which is great. I even managed to speak Korean during my trip to Seoul this spring, not a single word of English! I can whole-heartedly recommend her lessons!
15 de ago de 2023
121 clases de Coreano
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한국어수업을 하고 빛나는 재밌어요! She is the best teacher on iTalki! She is very patience and understanding of my learning style and always helpful when I have questions about something I may not understand. 10/10 will have class again! 감사해요!
24 de jul de 2023
38 clases de Coreano
Another fantastic Lesson Bit-Na is one of the best on italki be sure to book her!
17 de nov de 2023
Wai Low
21 clases de Coreano
빛나 is the best language teacher I've ever had. I speak a number of languages at different levels and have had many teachers throughout the years. Ever since our first lesson, our lessons have been totally in Korean. I really appreciate that 빛나 never just gives me the answer and allows me to think and figure things out with further examples or explanations. Our lessons are the highlight of my day! Most of the time, I forget that we're even having a lesson! 빛나 creates a safe and judgement-free space for me to learn and practice Korean. 빛나 is a dedicated, fun, kind and understanding teacher. More importantly, she's a great person! I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their Korean. 고마워요 😄 🙏
15 de nov de 2023
9 clases de Coreano
빛나 씨는 진짜 좋은 선생님이에요. She adjusts her materials and language to the student, is very patient and does not waste even a second during a lesson. I have had only a couple of lessons with 빛나 선생님 but I can already see the improvement in builing sentences and speaking more freely. Definitely recommend lessons with her! 오늘도 감사합니다! 다른에 봐요!
10 de nov de 2023
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