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한국어 공부, 오늘부터 함께 해요!
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Profesor de italki desde 7 de Jan de 2022
Hello! I was born in Seoul and now I'm staying in England. I have worked in the performing arts field for 10 years, and now I dreams of a new future as a Korean teacher. So, I am studying Korean language for Korean language education. Learning a language requires understanding and knowledge across society, culture, and history etc. However, this understanding and knowledge are not known just by sitting in front of desk and studying. You have to see and meet for a long time with interest and wondering. I will be one person you meet during the process, and I will cheer and support you hard. Let's be together from now on!

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Let's talk with me in Korean! (From simple greeting to intersting topics as you want)
A2 -  C2


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Start here for your first Korean lesson ! 당신의 첫번째 한국어수업, 여기서 시작하세요!
A1 -  B2


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Writing a food journal or travel essay in Korean (+correcting)
A2 -  C2


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田中徹 Tanaka 다나카
1 clase de Coreano
재밌었어요. 감사합니다.
22 de sep de 2023
13 clases de Coreano
진수씨 is lovely! She was really kind and understanding during my trial session and I look forward to learning from her. 감사합니다!
2 de ago de 2023
Nina S
4 clases de Coreano
This got me so excited to really learn Korean, I already bought package lessons and I can see future me speaking the language with ease. Best investment ever!
24 de jul de 2023
소피 - Sophie
2 clases de Coreano
Jinsu did a great job initiating conversation, helping me find words and getting me to express my thoughts. Even after just a short message before class she proactively brought ideas as to how we could reach my goals and how to structure classes going forward. I really enjoyed the lesson :)
8 de jun de 2023
Daniel S. Maxwell
4 clases de Coreano
Jinsu was an outstanding conversation partner during this morning's session. She's patient and spoke slowly. I actually understood much of what she was saying in Korean. And yes, I'm definitely going to book more sessions with her!
27 de mar de 2023
Annie Truong
1 clase de Coreano
I spent the good time with the teacher. I really like the way she talked to me as well as her teaching. I hope to have more interesting lesson with her. 감사합니다!
8 de mar de 2023
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