Flavio Massignan, profesor/a de Italiano

Flavio Massignan

Tutor de la comunidad
Madrelingua italiano, migliora il tuo italiano, ho viaggiato molto ed aiutato diverse persone
De HungríaVive en Budapest, Hungría (14:04 UTC+02:00)
Acerca de mí
Profesor de italki desde 22 de Dec de 2021
Tema de interésViajesComidaPelículas
Sono italiano ma vivo in Ungheria, a Budapest dove sto facendo un dottorato di ricerca in chimica, mi piace viaggiare, la fotografia e il cinema. Nel tempo libero faccio del volontariato presso una ONG dove organizziamo eventi per promuovere la inteculturalità e la diversità. I'm Italian living in Hungary, in Budapest where I'm a PhD student in chemistry, I like travelling, photography and going to the cinema. In my free time, I'm also a volunteer by a NGO, where we organise events to promote interculturality and diversity.
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31 opiniones

Estudiante Isabella Elli
Isabella Elli
25 clases de Italiano
Selección del profesor
Flavio is always ready for our lessons and he patiently listens to me read, helping me with words I cannot pronounce. He is always supportive even if I happen to make the same error. He is cool in that he speaks to me in Italian even if I answer in English cause my Italian is not strong enough. He is an interesting and kind person who appreciates and values culture.
25 de oct. de 2023
Estudiante Sam Tombarelli
Sam Tombarelli
108 clases de Italiano
Selección del profesor
Flavio è un grande insegnante. Mi ha aiutato a preparare il mio viaggio in Italia. Grazie mille Flavio!
28 de jun. de 2023
Estudiante DF1995
20 clases de Italiano
Selección del profesor
Flavio is a great teacher, I’ve taken many lessons with him and they are enjoyable & helpful each time.
12 de jun. de 2023
Estudiante Juliane Münster
Juliane Münster
7 clases de Italiano
From my time learning with Flavio, I can attest to his deep expertise in Italian language and culture, even though he is very modest about it. His lessons not only inspire curiosity but also foster fluency effortlessly, as with him it somehow became easy for me to remember new vocabulary. What I appreciate most is Flavio's readiness to explain words and find synonyms, making every concept clear and easy to grasp. He's incredibly flexible, allowing me to decide the direction of the lesson based on my interests and needs. Flavio creates a comfortable learning environment where I feel at ease asking questions and exploring new topics. He's easy to talk to and always approachable, with a non-judgmental attitude that encourages open discussion. When it comes to corrections, Flavio is gentle and encouraging, providing constructive feedback that helps me improve without feeling discouraged. I can fully recommend him as a teacher.
22 de abr. de 2024
Estudiante Pete
80 clases de Italiano
Flavio is just fantastic and very kind. Your Italian will improve fast with his help. I really enjoy his teaching.
6 de feb. de 2024
Estudiante Petr Grigorash
Petr Grigorash
4 clases de Italiano
Grazie mille!
16 de ene. de 2024
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