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말하기 중심의 한국어 수업!!
De República de CoreaVive en Seoul, República de Corea (17:55 UTC+09:00)
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Profesor de italki desde 20 de Jul de 2020
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Hello everyone, nice to meet you. My name is Gilha, and I am living in Seoul now. When I needed to improve English to take my major at an art school, I would exchange both Korean and English with many international people and because of that, I have been interested in teaching Korean to foreigners. I would teach how to speak Korean to my American friends with my own Korean tutorials, and I was excited when they could speak some Korean sentences with my teaching method. Fortunately, now I am a Korean community tutor here, and I have a chance to help some students who want to learn Korean more effectively.

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1. Korean Basic Alphabet Class (한국어 기초 철자 수업)/ Reading Practice(읽기 연습)
A1 -  A2


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2. Practical Korean Speaking Class(실질적인 말하기 수업)_Basic and Intermediate Classes (기본과 중급 수업)
A2 -  B2


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3. Advanced Class
B1 -  C2

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Gill is the best teacher that I ever had. We practice a lot of Korean grammar and speaking. For me it is the best teacher because he is very patient and he is proffesional. Thats why he can hundred times say to you same thing to you to understand. I am eleven years old. And sometimes after school I am tired, but classes with Gill are passing on one breath. Gill is a real discovery for me! I want to have a classes every day!
10 de jun de 2021
4 clases de Coreano
길하 성생님 is an awesome guy. He knows how to make a class fun while teaching the necessary information to make learning effective. I had a multiple year break from taking classes for Korean on italki, but I remembered Gil-ha because of his sense of humor and instruction style. Taking a class tonight did not disappoint. Thank you, sir.
13 de ago de 2023
Nick Don
8 clases de Coreano
Another great lesson with KTutor Gil.Thank you so much sir!
21 de may de 2023
Nick Don
8 clases de Coreano
I love the lessons that I had with Ktutor Gil. He is a wonderful teacher. Thank you very much.
14 de feb de 2023
Nick Don
8 clases de Coreano
Thank you Mr Gil. You are an mazing teacher!
12 de feb de 2023
Nick Don
8 clases de Coreano
Mr Gil, is a wonderful teacher!
1 de feb de 2023
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