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De ColombiaVive en Bogota, Colombia (11:11 UTC-05:00)
Profesora de español con 5 años y medio de experiencia en todos los niveles.
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Profesor de italki desde 20 de Jan de 2015
I love traveling, writing, reading, teaching and learning different languages, I choose this as a career because I love knowing different people around the world, they are not my students they are my friends I learn a lot of invaluable things with this kind of job, and at the same time I love my mother tongue and I'm always excited about sharing things about my own culture. In my free time, i love planning new trips, listening music, cooking something new or writing a post on my personal blog.

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74 lessons completed
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General lesson
A1 -  C1


1,394 lessons completed
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Conversational class
A2 -  C1

Práctica de conversación

142 lessons completed
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Beginners - Welcome to your journey


83 lessons completed
USD 13.00
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Past tense in spanish
A2 -  B1


24 lessons completed
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Subjunctive mood
B1 -  C2


42 lessons completed
USD 15.00
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404 opiniones

14 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
Excellent! Lorena is very attentive to her student's needs. She is also very flexible with a great variety of very suitable exercises. Highly recommended!
12 de nov de 2020
18 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
Lorena adjusted her schedule to accommodate mine, a very good benefit. She was courteous and helpful. I am doing the long slog through the subjunctive which is very hard and seems to have a million rules and exceptions to rules. Lorena can explain all this in Spanish or English. Five Star all the way.
4 de abr de 2017
Mark Honeyball
1 clase de Español
Selección del profesor
Great class, focused on both conversation and grammar with some great training exercises and online resources. Very good teacher
1 de ago de 2016
8 clases de Español
Lorena was a truly wonderful tutor! I am new to iTalki and she made me feel completely comfortable, was so patient, and was excellent with her ability to be able to help me speak and have conversation, and also pause and answer my (many) questions about grammar that I had during our conversation. I am excited to work with her again and highly recommend her to anyone seeking a warm and supportive presence to help them with their language learning.
5 de dic de 2022
Christina Theocharid
63 clases de Español
Lorena always listens to my wishes or ideas and helps me cover gaps that I may have from the past. The lessons are always enriched with conversation so that even the most difficult grammar classes aren't boring. We don't go according to any strict language level programme, she will prepare classes according to the student she has and will go on adapting on his/her level. I would strongly recommend her for anyone who wants to start learning spanish or improve !
1 de dic de 2022
17 clases de Español
Lorena is so kind and helpful. Great conversational classes with very helpful resources!
30 de jul de 2022
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