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Embark on a Cultural Adventure: Learn Nepali with Eni – Your Dedicated Language Companion!
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Hi! I'm Eni Tamang, a native Nepali speaker. I have a solid foundation in Nepali, both academically and non-academically. Even though I graduated with an M.A. and a 1-year diploma in Education majoring in English, I'm still learning English, focusing on speaking skills by interacting globally since 2021. I help English learners as a volunteer online tutor. Besides, I'm also fluent in Hindi/Urdu. I have experience teaching English in Nepal for more than 10 years. Since I worked in a government school for 4 years in rural hills, I had to use the Nepali language to help students learn English because they were poor in English. Hence, Nepali always came first in my teaching-learning journey.
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91 opiniones

Estudiante Ashley Bredeson
Ashley Bredeson
7 clases de Nepalí
Selección del profesor
I have been taking lessons with Eni the past month and she is fantastic! I initially met with multiple Neapli tutors, and Eni's personality and approach to teaching instantly drew me in. She is diligent and ensures I pronounce words correctly, and guides the lesson based on what I want to learn. I have seen incredible progress already, and plan to keep taking lessons with her until my travel in July! Personally, I even think she could raise her rates!
27 de may. de 2024
Estudiante Jóskua
39 clases de Nepalí
Selección del profesor
Liked my class with Any because she listens, and she is patient.
25 de mar. de 2024
Estudiante Chris Clark
Chris Clark
49 clases de Nepalí
Selección del profesor
eni is really great at building the confidence I need to be able to speak nepali. she has some great techniques which she uses when I am getting stuck and is ok going over the material as many times as I need to.
25 de feb. de 2024
Estudiante Karim Nasri
Karim Nasri
3 clases de Nepalí
lesson was fantastic as always ,
29 de may. de 2024
Estudiante Jade Bourne
Jade Bourne
7 clases de Nepalí
I've had several classes now with Eni and she is always helpful and understanding she is happy to go over things with me and teach and break down concepts when I don't understand. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and have many future classes booked with her. She uses conversation, videos and helpful tips to help me learn concepts. Thank you so much Eni for everything and being my regular teacher.
26 de may. de 2024
Estudiante Kevin Oropeza
Kevin Oropeza
1 clase de Nepalí
24 de may. de 2024
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