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Profesor de italki desde 27 de Sep de 2022
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みなさん こんにちは わたしは みきです。 🌸大阪(おおさか)に 住(す)んでいます。 🌸京都(きょうと)の日本語学校(にほんごがっこう)で 働(はたら)いています。 🌸2022年からオンラインで日本語を 教えています。 🌸大学時代(だいがくじだい)、フィリピンに 1年 交換留学(こうかんりゅうがく)しました。 🌸ボランティアで アフリカのブルキナファソに 行きました。 🌸フランス語を 勉強(べんきょう)して いました。 🌸日本のアニメや漫画(まんが)が 好(す)きです。 Hi everyone! 🌸I’m native Japanese living in Osaka with 3 children. 🌸I'm now working for Japanese Language School in Kyoto. 🌸I started to teach online since 2022. 🌸I like Japanese history, culture and animation. My favorite is Attack On Titan and Damon Slayer. 🌸I have studied French and Chinese so I understand how learning foreign language is like
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Hiragana & Katakana reading
A1 -  A2


36 clases completadas
USD 11.00+
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Minnano Nihongo(みんなのにほんご) L1~L50
A1 -  A2


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Japanese for business(conversation practice)
B1 -  B2

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JLPT test preparation (N3 & N4)
B1 -  B2

Preparación de exámenes

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Free talk in Japanese
B1 -  C1

Práctica de conversación

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Travel Japanese (conversation practice above N4 level)
B1 -  C2

Práctica de conversación

4 clases completadas
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40 opiniones

Estudiante Mark
7 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
I recently had the pleasure of taking my first online Japanese tutoring lesson with Miki Sensei, and it was an exceptional experience. She demonstrated friendly and welcoming enviroment yet a high level of professionalism throughout the session as she guided me through the material with patience and expertise. She used a original, and engaging materials to reinforce learning, making the lesson both enjoyable and effective. Moreover, her passion for the language was palpable, inspiring me to delve deeper into my studies. I highly recommend this tutor to anyone looking to learn Japanese in a supportive and dynamic online environment.
17 de mar. de 2024
Estudiante Adam
32 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Miki-san has been a great teacher. I started taking lessons with her in January with the goal of finishing the second book of Minna no Nihongo (which I had started the week before) and I was able to finish the book on October 1st! Miki-san has an amazing set powerpoint slides that she clearly has put a considerable amount of work into and is very encouraging.
3 de oct. de 2023
Estudiante Kellie Poh
Kellie Poh
1 clase de Japonés
Teacher Miki was well-prepared for lessons, and I enjoyed her presentation slides for class. I was able to understand the concepts taught in class thanks to her patient explanations. Thank you Teacher Miki!
13 de may. de 2024
Estudiante Eric
2 clases de Japonés
I had a great time with my first Japanese lesson with Miki-sensei. There is a big difference when reading hiragana on my own and there's a teacher who helps me with proper/correct pronunciation. It's good to have a good foundation and I think I have a good start with Miki sensei! I'm looking forward to my next lessons with her.
12 de may. de 2024
Estudiante Khanya Reid
Khanya Reid
4 clases de Japonés
Miki Sensei is the Best!
6 de may. de 2024
Estudiante Khanya Reid
Khanya Reid
4 clases de Japonés
I did a trial lesson with Miki sensei. Miki Sensei was really good. She planned out the lesson properly and after our session, I can really say that I have learned something. Her slides were very easy to understand and she made the lesson interactive. I am hoping to have future lessons with her.
27 de abr. de 2024
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