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I'm Karina, I'm a slow traveler, right now living in Paris! I'm now working. on Italki just on Saturday and Sunday morning-early afternoon ( Paris time)! I consider myself as a slow traveler, as my main goal is really to learn about the culture, meet locals, enjoy cultural events… So I've been living at least for one year in different countries, such as Spain, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Portugal, New-Zealand… I love Theater in general, meaning go to see a play, read, acting…. In thailand, I became a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and this is a brillant tool allows me to relax, breath and have fun at the same time !

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French & Improv Theater
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Simple and funny lessons for beginners!
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Grammar PoWeR!
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Entretien d'embauche - Job interview
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Not to be dramatic but Karina is the best tutor to ever exist on planet Earth. In general, I am a very shy person and get terrible anxiety when speaking French. Somehow, she manages to get me out of my head, get me talking, and keep the conversation flowing. Two things I’ve noticed: #1 She reads your facial expressions to decide when/how to help. She never cuts me off too quickly or makes me sit in awkward silence when I don’t know how to say something. The moment I feel lost, she picks up on it. #2 She corrects you by repeating you correctly. It’s very “yes, and...”. For example, if I incorrectly say “j'aime ‘la’ fromage”, she’ll be like “ahh tu j’aime le fromage! C’est cool!” and then keeps going. She gives you the correction without making a huge deal out of it. I think this is brilliant for conversation flow. My lessons with Karina are so much fun. I laugh the entire time while learning a ton. What more could I ask for?
14 de may de 2021
16 clases de Francés
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A review ABC. An amazing lesson with an amazing person! Book a session now! Courses unlike you'll find anywhere else!
1 de feb de 2021
Diedie Weng
43 clases de Francés
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I adore Karina as a teacher. She is well-prepared, experienced, encouraging and fun in her teaching. For the theater and conversation class, she designed the exercises in which I could practice using the same vocabularies and expressions in different ways. This is very helpful for me.
15 de may de 2019
27 clases de Francés
I recommend Karina 1000% :)
14 de ene de 2023
27 clases de Francés
Karina is still the best!
17 de dic de 2022
27 clases de Francés
Talking with Karina is worth every penny every time :D
11 de dic de 2022
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