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こんにちは。 私の名前はこずえです。私は日本人で、今はイギリスに住んでいます。日本では、英語の先生を7年間していました。また、オーストラリアにも1年間住んでいたので、英語が得意です。 私は言葉が大好きです。私はたくさんの人とコミュニケーションがとれるので、今は毎日英語を勉強しています。みなさんと話すことを楽しみにしています。 Hello My name is Kozue and I am a Japanese national currently live in the UK. In Japan, I was a qualified English teacher. I had taught English in Japanese schools for seven years. I have also lived in Australia for a year therefore, my English is pretty good! I love language … I study English every day so I can communicate with others. I look forward to speaking to you soon.
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101 opiniones

Estudiante Amy Wlaznik
Amy Wlaznik
86 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
2 de ago. de 2021
Estudiante English Teacher Max!
English Teacher Max!
27 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Kozue is always a friendly, kind and supportive teacher. Thank you!
29 de mar. de 2021
Estudiante Guy Butler
Guy Butler
54 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Kozueさん is very kind and helpfull. The classes move along at nice pace so that they are enjoyable but I still learn a lot. Highly reccomended as a teacher. いつもありがとうございました。
13 de nov. de 2019
Estudiante Tanya Nguyen
Tanya Nguyen
6 clases de Japonés
Thank you Kozue for chatting with me. This was my first iTalki lesson and we dived right into the conversation which was fun. Kozue shows interest in the conversation, listens attentively, and is patient which is apparent in her follow-up questions and her feedback. I appreciate that she wrote words that were new to me and adjusted to writing Kanji after she clarified I was able to read some Kanji.
16 de dic. de 2023
Estudiante Adélaide
36 clases de Japonés
It is always a delight to have a lesson with Kozue, I recommend her for anyone wanting to improve their conversation skills in Japanese.
27 de mar. de 2023
Estudiante Amy Wlaznik
Amy Wlaznik
86 clases de Japonés
こずえさんのレッスンはとてもたのしかったです。ありがとうございました。I have been Kozue-san student for a long time. Kozue-san is a patient and kind teacher. I've learnt so much from her! 😊
14 de nov. de 2022
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