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IELTS Teacher with years of experience helping students pass the IELTS test!
De Reino UnidoVive en Belfast, Reino Unido (23:09 UTC+00:00)
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Hi Everyone! I am a 32 year old English teacher from the U.K who specialises in IELTS and I love helping students pass their exams! I'm also a language learner and love to help students speak more naturally and reduce their mistakes! (I'll be very active in doing this :) ) Aside from exam preparation, talk to me about anything! I love sports, art, business, philosophy, videography, science, politics, media, travel, culture, nutrition.. and just about everything else!

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Today was my 80th class with Craig. As always time flew by. Craig creates such interesting and entertaining lessons, that it doesn‘t feel like „work“, although it is always a bit of a challenge perfectly suited to the current level I‘m at. Before our journey I wouldn’t have expected to be as confident in speaking as I am right now.
22 de nov de 2023
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I have had classes with Craig for 1 year. I’m really grateful for his help! I tried a lot of teachers (10 to be precise) before Craig. However, I felt that their approach to exam preparation (IELTS in my case) is not suitable for me. So, there was no progress, I did not feel comfortable with them and I kept looking for that teacher. And eventually, I found Craig. In the first lesson, we assessed my weaknesses and began to prepare. Craig is an absolutely wonderful teacher! As a tutor, he has done everything to improve my speaking and writing. He provided a lot of essential information about the exam and gave me the necessary material. He knows a lot of subtleties and gave a lot of tips: this is very valuable. When we have IELTS writing he carefully checks all my essays. Of course, I have had a lot of practice by myself browsing materials and doing tests, but Craig really helped me a lot to reach my goals: now I have the desired score!
10 de ago de 2022
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Craig is a very experienced teacher, always well prepared. As a person he is very nice, humorous and motivating. For me he was the perfect teacher preparing me for my IELTS exam; with his assistance I scored 8.0 overall😊!
7 de jul de 2022
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I really enjoy lessons with Craig.I feel happy in his lessons and always look forward to the next lesson.He can chat with you about anything you want.He also provide materials according to your needs.He is very caring,hardworking and supportive.I really recommend him as a language teacher:)
12 de feb de 2024
Mariana Gallardo
18 clases de Inglés
Great class as always :)
9 de feb de 2024
6 clases de Inglés
Thank you for Craig, it was a nice trial lesson!
31 de ene de 2024
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