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Raciel Hernández 💫

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🌟Professional Spanish teacher, 5 yr. of experience, expert in linguistics, literature and poetry ⭐️
De MéxicoVive en Veracruz, México (23:10 UTC-06:00)
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Profesor de italki desde 31 de Jan de 2020
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I am a Spanish professor with over 5 years of experience (I taught Spanish as a foreign language at my university for two yr. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Language and Literature from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. I am a well-known Mexican writer and poet (I have published 3 poetry books in Mexico and Spain), and I am well-versed in the Spanish language. I have taught Spanish and poetry workshops for 5 yr. I have been an editor and translator for an online newspaper. In addition to teaching Spanish, poetry, I like plastic arts, cinema (I love David Lynch films), I like swimming, I like photography and music. I have two beautiful little daughters. I'm vegan.
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Spanish for beginner students A1-A2
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Conversation (learn Spanish by talking about what you like the most)
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🇲🇽 Mexican Spanish Pronunciation Workshop
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Spanish for advanced students C1-C2
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Spanish through its literature 📚
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543 opiniones

Estudiante Alesia
69 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
Raciel es un profesor muy dedicado que siempre quiere ayudar a sus estudiantes. En pocos meses estudiando con Raciel mi nivel de espanol ha mejorado mucho. Voy a continuar mis clases con Raciel hasta que puedo hablar español perfectamente (lo cual espero hacer en un futuro cercano).
13 de sep. de 2023
Estudiante Amanda O
Amanda O
127 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
Raciel is a wonderful teacher! He is patient, understanding, nice, fun, and very encouraging. He has helped me build confidence in my Spanish, especially around speaking. I have learned so much in my almost 6 months of learning and can tell I understand a lot more than during my first month. Raciel is always prepared for class with individualized lessons and homework. He takes time for you to understand the point being made and helps with correct pronunciation. I highly recommend him as a teacher and am thankful for all of learning and progress I have made.
14 de jul. de 2023
Estudiante Robby Macdonell
Robby Macdonell
186 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
I've been working with Raciel for over a year and he's a great teacher. He's patient and supportive, but also challenges me to push through the areas that I get stuck in. We've worked on several aspects of Spanish such as reading, writing, and conversation. He always has great ideas for how to make progress on the areas I want to work on. I highly recommend him!
13 de jul. de 2023
Estudiante Jacquelyn
3 clases de Español
This was only the introductory trial class so no formal materials were provided today. Plenty of feedback and a plan for learning was provided
2 de jun. de 2024
Estudiante Wylie York
Wylie York
28 clases de Español
Raciel is a very good mentor. We have been working on uses of the subjunctive Raciel is diligent in tracking my problem areas and finding exercises to address. He is a serious and professional teacher. I have been working with him for several weeks and really enjoy studying Spanish under his direction.
17 de may. de 2024
Estudiante Asya Davydova Lewis
Asya Davydova Lewis
1 clase de Español
I had a good first lesson! We used a textbook that had some interactive exercises, and I wrote down a lot of new words. I learned how to conjugate verbs. Raciel took notes on the textbook PDF. He has a calm and kind personality, I think he is an excellent teacher :)
3 de may. de 2024
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