Violeta Piergiovanni

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De ArgentinaVive en Cordoba, Argentina (03:51 UTC-03:00)
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Profesor de italki desde 19 de Nov de 2019
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Hello everyone! My name is Violeta and I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I currently live in Patagonia, in a “Lago Puelo”, a small town near Bariloche. In 2018 I worked in the US as an Au Pair so I can understand and speak English almost fluently. This experience increased my love for different cultures, languages and idioms. I am always curious about everything and willing to learn and exchange ideas. I’m very interested in arts, politics, music, culture and I’m always excited to get to know different people and their stories. I’m studying piano in a conservatory.

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181 opiniones

David Xue
65 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
Violeta is suuuuch a talented teacher! This was my first lesson and I am a novice with some basics of Spanish. Violeta was always so positive, motivating, and experienced about progressing and making sure I was always learning and practicing. I can't wait to take more lessons!
1 de feb de 2023
45 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
It's always a pleasure to talk with Violeta. She is very friendly, patient and interesting. She knows how to control the conversation well. She makes corrections but in a way that doesn't interrupt the conversation flow. I believe that is very important. She balances her speaking and listening throughout the time. I highly recommend taking classes with her to improve your conversation skills.
30 de jun de 2021
90 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
I had a great lesson with Violeta. It's really rare to find someone so calm and patient. Instead of feeling exhausted after our lesson I feel encouraged and ready to do it again!
27 de mar de 2020
David Xue
65 clases de Español
I have been taking classes with Violeta for several months now starting from scratch, taking roughly classes a week. We have full unstructured conversations which is a testament to her skills in asking questions and keeping conversation flowing after all this time! She is kind, funny, and always positive and I always look forward to our lessons. She remembers details from previous conversations, like a good friend would, which I always appreciate. I write this from Mexico City where I was sent for a work trip, and I just had two wonderful conversations in Spanish. This is all thanks to Violeta! I want to travel through all of Central and South America, and Spanish really makes such a difference when traveling. I am doubly motivated to keep working with Violeta. :) I got incredibly lucky with Violeta and I wholehearted recommend her to any student lucky to have her! I constantly recommend Violeta to my friends and even my former French Italki teacher here.
12 de nov de 2023
2 clases de Español
my first class with violeta, it was a pleasure to learn from her she's very nice and patient when i made mistakes and explained all my mistakes and curiosity to help me improve and was overall a joy. i would 100% recommend her to everyone ! nos vemos pronto :)
8 de nov de 2023
8 clases de Español
I have been taking Spanish lessons from Violeta for the past 3 weeks. I am very impressed with her lessons and her teaching style. Violeta has clear explanations and a great enthusiasm for the language. She knows how to make the lessons fun and interesting. I always learn something new and I feel like I have really made progress in my Spanish skills. She is also very patient and understanding. She takes the time to answer questions and she helps you to improve your mistakes. I highly recommend Violeta to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. She is a great teacher who makes you love the language. I am very glad that I take lessons from Violeta. I have learned aready alot and I have become much more confident in my Spanish skills. I am convinced that I will continue to improve in the language thanks to Violeta. I would like to add that she is also a very kind and supportive person. She always makes me feel welcome and comfortable in her class. I am grateful for her guidance and support
22 de oct de 2023
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