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Top 1% Japanese teacher in 2022 on italki✨ Easy to talk with🌴 Learn Japanese and culture!!
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I'm Saki, from Okayama-ken, but I'm actually living in Brazil with my husband and my baby. I really love meeting people from around the world and talking to them, exchanging ideas! I understand how difficult to learn a language and adjust to a new culture because I'm a language learner too, married to a foreigner, and live abroad :) Meu nome é Saki. Sou de Okayama-ken, mas atualmente moro no Brasil com meu marido e minha bebê. Gosto muito de conhecer pessoas de mundo inteiro, conversar com eles e trocar ideias! Entendo como é difícil aprender uma língua estrangeira e entender a outra cultura, porque eu também sou aprendiz de línguas, casada com estrangeiro e moro no exterior.

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〚30/45/60mins〛𖤣𖥧𖥣𖡡𖥧𖤣 Free talk (Conversation) 𖤣𖥧𖥣𖡡𖥧𖤣
A2 -  C2

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〚30/45/60/90mins〛✲ Minna no Nihongo Shokyu / Genki ✲
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〚30/45/60/90mins〛𖥸 Customized lesson (JLPT, Travel, Kids, Marugoto, Music, etc.) 𖥸
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〚30/45/60mins〛𖦊 Picture description 𖦊
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〚45/60/90mins〛ꕥ Video+Grammar+Vocabulary+Conversation ꕥ
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Saki is nothing short of a phenomenal teacher. She goes out of her way to tailor lessons to each student, and is constantly looking for ways to improve her method. From the start I have always loved the notes she provides, allowing me to review any vocab or grammar points we've learned. She also goes over things we've learned in previous lessons, so I don't forget important things ! Looking forward to another great year with Saki ✨今年もよろしくね!
1 de feb de 2023
165 clases de Japonés
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I've been taking lessons with Saki for more than year now and have seen quite a lot of progress - and, most importantly, the lessons have never felt like work! In our have discussed a wide range of themes from daily life to cultural differences to societal questions. Back when I started taking lessons with Saki, I was at Genki chapter 4 and pretty much a total beginner, and even then she managed to explain things clearly and keep the lessons interesting every single time. Can't recommend her high enough! さきさん、今年もお世話になります、来年もよろしくお願いします!🎇
31 de dic de 2022
67 clases de Japonés
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Saki é uma pessoal bem paciente e realmente se importa com o aprendizado do aluno, respeitando seu ritmo e ajudando onde necessário. O material das aulas é intuitivo e muito útil. As lições de casa reforçam bem o que foi ensinado. Ela também procura perguntar coisas do dia a dia sempre que possível para incentivar o dialogo e a sua proficiência. Saki é a escolha certa 🤗
7 de sep de 2022
니키 니콜
5 clases de Japonés
The best Japanese teacher ever! Everything is well prepared, we even speak even though I am a beginner and also we always do review ! It’s perfekt I highly recommend Saki Sensei she is also a very nice person to talk to! 🥹🥰
21 de sep de 2023
Salvatore M.
6 clases de Japonés
Another amazing lesson with Saki. I always learn something new and time flies during her lessons, thanks to the friendly and relaxed environment that she creates. よく選びました ✌️
18 de sep de 2023
13 clases de Japonés
Saki san is such a good teacher. Tonight I was very tired before my lesson because I'm ill, but the energy in her lesson made me feel so much better and she was patient when I forgot easy words I usually know.
14 de sep de 2023
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