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Hi guys, my name is Pierre-Louis, i am a native French speaker and also a civil engineering student. I have been living abroad for 8 years. I have 5 years experiences teaching French to foreigners from beginners to advanced students. I adapt my teaching method to the goals of the student such as (DELF, DALF, TCF, Conversation, travelling…), If you would like to speak this language, i would love to help you to achieve this objective.

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General French for Beginners and Advanced Students
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Conversation Class for Beginners and Advanced Students
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I always love my lessons with Pierre-Louis! He is encouraging and lets me try for myself. He gently corrects me when I need it and offers assistance. He writes out the vocabulary and sentences for me and allows me to practice these as many times as needed. I like that he also has multiple types of resources to suit your learning level. He relates the materials to your life as well which I find very helpful because you remember the vocabulary more easily too! As always, Pierre-Louis is the best! Merci beaucoup :)
19 de feb de 2023
mayank arora
37 clases de Francés
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Thanks to Pierre, I was able to obtain a B2 level in the TCF exam. I recommend him to both beginners and advanced learners alike. Over the time, we worked together on various aspects like grammatical structures, proper usage of connectors, common expressions, etc. Pierre always responded to each of my question with a simple explanation and an example. Further, We talked about diverse topics in each lesson to enrich the vocabulary and to build oral fluency. Pierre always guides conversations to keep them interesting and encourages the student to talk. Throughout the lessons, I learned how to properly attempt both the oral and written expressions of the exam. I reached from B1 to an upper B2 level in just 3 months! Saying that Pierre is a good French teacher would be an understatement. He is among the best ones on this platform and would always be my recommendation for any learner.
12 de abr de 2022
Gabriela Novo
56 clases de Francés
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Hoje aprendemos um pouco sobre a cultura francesa, e ouvimos músicas. Adorei, auxilia muito na compreensão da língua. Pierre é um ótimo professor. Merci Pierre!!!
20 de ene de 2022
96 clases de Francés
Pierre-Louis is always pushing me to do my best! We have well over two years of learning together and I always look forward to our classes :) He is really immersive in his teaching and motivates me to practice all areas of my French. I am glad that we can laugh and have fun, while still learning together! Merci beaucoup!
26 de sep de 2023
Adreanna (Jilene)
2 clases de Francés
Good lesson. Learned a lot.
20 de sep de 2023
Braden Davis
8 clases de Francés
I really enjoy language classes with Pierre! He is extremely patient with my pronunciation and speaks very naturally so that I am able to understand him.
21 de jul de 2023
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