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Profesor de italki desde 1 de Dec de 2020
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I am a French/Arabic native speaker, I am here to communicate and help people who wants to practice and improve their skills. I can switch to english to clarify a specific point.

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French Conversations
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Correct Me without correcting me
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Football Discussions
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131 opiniones

Yuriko Renardy
71 clases de Francés
Selección del profesor
I say wow. This teacher is attentive, honest, enthusiastic, and he generates motivation.
20 de jul de 2021
John Poulain
21 clases de Francés
Selección del profesor
Ali's great to chat to as he's very laid back and friendly. Ali's got a lot of interests, life experience, and knowledge of different cultures so the conversations are always interesting. He really understands how to learn a foreign language and helps me correct my French and highlights areas that I need to improve on. He's got a very good standard of English and grammar so he can easily explain things when theres something that I dont understand. I've improved lots since I've started chatting to Ali. I highly recommend him.
14 de abr de 2021
41 clases de Francés
Selección del profesor
The best teacher ever! He really care about the students and would take time even outside of the class to prepare & answer question! I’ve working with him maybe only for 3 weeks up to now, but I am not just feeling but experiencing my improvement and having a better understanding of French. This is exactly I was hoping to have through the lesson, and he definitely goes beyond my expectation and hope! MERCI MERCI 🤩
19 de ene de 2021
Yuriko Renardy
71 clases de Francés
What I enjoy is learning French expressions for everyday usage, and Ali shares all of that. They stick in my mind because of associations with how we live daily.
18 de may de 2023
Yuriko Renardy
71 clases de Francés
J'ai entendu parler du sport EMS. Ce n'est pas disponible dans ma ville, mais ça existe à Hollywood...
12 de may de 2023
Yuriko Renardy
71 clases de Francés
Ali's news from his trips are very exciting.
10 de may de 2023
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