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Profesor de italki desde 5 de Nov de 2020
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Salut ! I am Yann, a French native speaker from Bourges, the city of Jacques Cœur. When i am not teaching French, you can find me in the garden or watching science popularization YouTube channels. I traveled in almost 30 countries. My students often say that i have a very pure accent.
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45 opiniones

Estudiante Sandra Latimore
Sandra Latimore
85 clases de Francés
Selección del profesor
I have taken many courses with Yann. He is incredibly patient and supportive. He always recognizes my successes. He adapts his lessons to the student. He challenges my limits. I look forward to each and every class.
17 de may. de 2021
Estudiante Daren
102 clases de Francés
Selección del profesor
Yann puts in the extra effort to make his lessons maximally instructive. He uses material he has put together along with external content to augment the absorption of the language both inside and outside of the tutorial sessions. The in-session exercises happen in a conversational setting that very much puts the student at ease, especially during the first lesson (which also happened to be my first real conversation with a native French speaker). Any anxiety I had evaporated immediately. Being at ease while speaking is the first (and probably largest) impediment to fluency, and Yann does a great job nullifying this barrier. My conversational flow has improved markedly over the course of the lessons I've had with him.
17 de may. de 2021
Estudiante Jacob
112 clases de Francés
Selección del profesor
Yann is an amazing teacher! Before I started lessons with Yann, I had very little experience with French. Yann is very flexible and tailors the lessons to my needs and to topics relevant to my life and what I am interested in. He uses a variety of methods like grammar exercises, videos, articles, conversation, etc. and always takes your feedback into account to design the next lesson. He is always super supportive and patient. I always enjoy my conversations with Yann! I could not recommend him enough for anyone regardless of whether you are a beginner who needs some help with the basics or someone more advanced who just needs some conversational practice. Merci Yann !
14 de may. de 2021
Estudiante James
9 clases de Francés
Yann is a fantastic teacher. He is very patient and helpful. I really enjoyed the class.
15 de nov. de 2023
Estudiante Sandra Latimore
Sandra Latimore
85 clases de Francés
J’adore nos leçons. Il est toujours gentil 😊
6 de mar. de 2023
Estudiante Margaret
53 clases de Francés
I've been trying (and failing) to learn French for years. Since taking lessons with Yann, I feel like I'm making legitimate progress and having fun, too. Always patient and supportive, he meets you where you're at and adapts accordingly; using a variety of teaching materials to keep the learning process engaging. Definitely recommend!
22 de ene. de 2022
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