Maya Kim

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Chino (mandarín)
Marketing specialist w/ HR experience| Freelance journalist| Specialized in Business & world topics
De República de CoreaVive en Medellin, Colombia (09:41 UTC-05:00)
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Profesor de italki desde 27 de Sep de 2021
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■Where I am/What I do I'm staying somewhere in Latin America(Colombia at the moment). I write business articles, and travel essays on multiple platforms. I've worked for various companies from major companies to startups. Marketing specialist having lots of HR experience. ■Why I'm the right tutor for you You should learn from a tutor who has learned other languages. Not only can they relate to you, but also know exactly what learners' Wants and Needs. Currently, I speak 4 languages; Korean, English, Chinese, and Spanish. (Eng-C1, Ch-C1, Es-B1). I've been taking numerous 1 on 1 class just like you. And I promise that I'll give you a class that won't make you feel a waste of money & time.

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Clase de prueba
19 clases completadas
USD 7.00+
Business prep (Interview, Resume etc) / Business document, report translation
B1 -  C2


7 clases completadas
USD 22.00+
Paquete con 13% de descuento
Advanced Conversation (B1~C2), Business conversation
B1 -  C2

Práctica de conversación

30 clases completadas
USD 14.00+
Paquete con 14% de descuento
Daily Conversation (A1~A2), Basic Korean / English Conversation
A1 -  A2

Práctica de conversación

5 clases completadas
USD 14.00+
Paquete con 14% de descuento


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9 opiniones

1 clase de Coreano
Maya was able to advise me on very specific vocabulary that is suitable for my field of work. It's great as "textbook Korean" can be quite odd to use sometimes, so having a teacher that can present proper expressions is precious :) ! Thank you!!
7 de nov de 2023
Joyce Shao
3 clases de Coreano
Maya teacher revised my sentences carefully and told me how to say them more naturaly.
29 de oct de 2023
Joyce Shao
3 clases de Coreano
Maya teacher responded quickly She is able to quickly understand students’ needs and make good suggestions I'm looking forward to taking classes with her
22 de oct de 2023
1 clase de Coreano
A comfortable experience! Maya is my first korean teacher, she is very patient, and can explain in Chinese and English, its amazing.
18 de oct de 2023
3 clases de Coreano
Today was my first lesson with Maya and it was very enjoyable! She is a very professional, easy-going, and well-organized teacher. If you are looking for intermediate or advanced conversation practice, I highly recommend her lessons!
20 de ago de 2023
2 clases de Coreano
오늘은 마야 선생님이랑 첫 수업이였어요. 즐거운 대화를 하고 좋은 시간이 보냈어요. 마야 선생님은 매력이고 수업에 대해서 설명 잘 했어요. I had a fantastic first lesson with Maya today. We had an interactive conversation and I enjoy talking to her so I’m looking forward to my next class together.
21 de jun de 2023
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