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Edna Acosta

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Master in Spanish Teaching 👩‍🏫 creative, dynamic and innovative 🥇 DELE and SIELE coach
De ColombiaVive en Athens, Grecia (06:06 UTC+01:00)
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Profesor de italki desde 8 de Sep de 2021
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My name is Edna, I am Colombian 🇨🇴, I studied Spanish and literature, I am a certified teacher of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE) 📜 ,I finished my postgraduate degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at the University of Buenos Aires and now I am studying my master's degree in Comparative Literature at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Argentina. I have seven years of experience teaching Spanish 🥇. I currently live in Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷. Besides Spanish I speak English, Turkish and I'm studying Nepalese. I love languages and I love teaching my mother tongue. 💖
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79 opiniones

Estudiante Aaron Blais
Aaron Blais
19 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
Edna es la mejor. Ella planea lecciones divertidas y a la vez educativas. La recomendaría a cualquier estudiante de idiomas. Edna is the best. She plans fun and educational lessons. I would recommend her to any language student. 👍 👍 👍
6 de sep. de 2023
Estudiante Sophie
27 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
I ADORE Edna, she's so patient and fun! She always has entertaining activities on a variety of topics. We play games and chat, so it doesn't seem like I make a lot of efforts, but then the lesson is finished and I realize I learned so much. Gracias Edna!
27 de jun. de 2022
Estudiante Caden
41 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
Ladies and gentlemen, you will not find a better teacher on all of italki. Edna is so patient, kind, and organized whenever I meet with her, and always leaves me feeling like a rock star at the end of our lessons! If you are learning Spanish or Turkish, Edna is 110% the teacher you need and deserve! ¡Muchas gracias por todo lo que haces, Edna!
14 de dic. de 2021
Estudiante Laurie
15 clases de Español
Edna really is the most wonderful teacher. She fully tailors the learning journey to you and even if you have quite advanced grammar questions she will explain it in a way you can understand so you can work that into your learning journey. I have made so much progress with her at the B1 level and I feel really like I’m getting to grips with the language. Even when I’m not in the mood to study, Edna’s classes give me lots of energy to continue. Highly recommend Edna’s classes for anyone wanting to seriously improve their Spanish.
15 de jul. de 2024
Estudiante Amanda
1 clase de Español
Edna es una profesora paciente, organizada y dinámica. Muchas gracias por una clase buena!
13 de jul. de 2024
Estudiante Lana Bolycheva
Lana Bolycheva
5 clases de Español
Edna is wonderful!! The best teacher in the world!
24 de jun. de 2024
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