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Certified Japanese teacher and 10 years experience
De JapónVive en Other, México (12:53 UTC-06:00)
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I began teaching Japanese at a university in Mexico, but despite my best efforts, I was troubled by the fact that my students learned grammar but DID NOT LEARN TO SPEAK. I began to study again under a professional instructor and to think about "how to really learn to SPEAK Japanese." After that I re-designed my own teaching materials from scratch. Today, my classes are designed to be "efficient, and to help students learn to speak Japanese," and many of the students I have taught have become able to speak Japanese. In particular, my original shadowing materials based on Genki textbooks have been very popular among student.I currently teach Japanese online in more than 12 countries!

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Free conversation
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Elementary Grammar & Conversation
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206 opiniones

75 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Risa-san is a very kind and supportive teacher. She is the perfect teacher if you are worried about your language level or scared of making mistakes. I am really grateful for her support. she always felt like a friend first and a teacher second. Thank you Risa-san for teaching me so much.
12 de oct de 2023
Kevin S
42 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Excelente profe con mucha antencion al detalle y los errores que cometemos en el Japones. Siempre me enseña alguna nueva frase y escucha con mucha atencion y cariño mis historias. Recomiendo para cualquier nivel y persona que quiera mejorar su nivel de conversacion y de seguro subiran de nivel. Gracias profe!
29 de sep de 2023
48 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Great lesson - I had some technical difficulties at the beginning of the lesson, but Risa-sensei was very kind and patient. We spent the first half of the lesson practicing free conversation. I brought a few examples of Japanese language that I had recently seen, but did not comprehend. Risa-sensei expertly answered these questions. I am learning through these lessons just how important it is to have a teacher that can answer not only the technical aspects of the language (grammar, vocab, etc.), but also the non-textbook vocab, forms, and patterns that appear in the wild. Having a teacher like Risa-sensei, that can explain these cultural nuances in a simple way has been an invaluable resource in my self-study. As always, Risa-sensei was prepared and had an excellent set of slides teaching the usage of 「~なら」. We drilled several examples, taking turns asking and answering. I am looking forward to our next lesson.
11 de abr de 2021
Daniela Morat
33 clases de Japonés
Avanzamos a la siguiente lección del Genki :) , nueva gramática y nuevos kanjis! ありがとうございます!
1 de mar de 2024
Ellie Stefanou
1 clase de Japonés
I am very happy with my first lesson with Risa-sensei! I look forward to many more amazing lessons to come learning Japanese together. I like that Risa-sensei talks to you in Japanese and repeats words many times so you can listen to the sounds, and then she checks if you are saying them back to her correctly. I found that by the end of the lesson I had learnt lots of phrases and my confidence in holding a basic conversation was really improved! Risa-sensei arigatoo gozaimashita :)
1 de mar de 2024
Salvador G.B.
4 clases de Japonés
La clase con la maestra Risa, es muy dinámica. Mucha práctica y divierta la clase, muy recomendable si buscas mejorar tus habilidades en este idioma.
23 de feb de 2024
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