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■ Influencer students I've taught Korean so far: Dianna in Korea: https://youtu.be/69JF5XZ1BlY Ana Gomes: https://youtu.be/AL9zUDscYI0 ■ French online course (collaboration): https://youtu.be/r_rc1BtvCwA ■ 전공(Major) : 경영학(Business Management) ■ 직업(Job) : Business Consultant & Korean educator https://www.linkedin.com/in/élodie-kim-74a246250/ ■ 여행다녔던 나라들(Countries I've traveled) : 오스트리아(Austria), 크로아티아(Croatia), 프랑스(France), 터키(Turkey), 말레이시아(Malaysia), 이탈리아(Italy), 네덜란드(Netherlands), 스위스(Switzerland), 스페인(Spain), 독일(Germany) and more. ■ 취미(Hobbies) : 여행(traveling), 노래(singing), 등산(trekking), 독서(reading books), 언어공부(studying languages)

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155 opiniones

Rosanna Pedrini
69 clases de Coreano
Selección del profesor
Today's lesson was packed with grammar points, and Elodie explained them in such a brilliant and understandable way that I got them straight away. She is one of the best language teachers I have ever met, and I also teach languages, so I know what I am talking about.
16 de ago de 2023
Sayana LEE
21 clases de Coreano
Selección del profesor
I love classes with Elodie. my spoken Korean improved dramatically, and I'm able to tall more with Koreans at work. I also love how classes are freestyle when it comes to topics. I am actually trying to have a conversation. I have a kid, and many times I had to cancel or postpone class, or even have class with my baby on lap. Elodie is so cool with it. She is very understanding and supportive.
6 de ago de 2023
Sheelie Kittie
10 clases de Coreano
Selección del profesor
Elodie is a great Korean teacher! I cannot recommend her enough to anyone learning Korean. She has a strong understanding of grammar and knows / has studied other languages herself. This enables her to assist foreigners with the language and she is always willing to take extra time to help with anything!
16 de jul de 2023
2 clases de Coreano
Elodie is a wonderful teacher. She understands her students' need and has a way of teaching that makes your learning more fun.
24 de sep de 2023
Cynthia Mueller
2 clases de Coreano
Elodie was amazing. She encouraged me to speak and recognized easily when to give me a second to think and when I was lost.
20 de sep de 2023
Rosanna Pedrini
69 clases de Coreano
This was a brilliant lesson with an excellent Korean teacher! Thank you so much!
20 de sep de 2023
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