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Awarded Top 1% Japanese teacher in italki in 2022 / Certificated Friendly Japanese Teacher😉💗
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🔹From Kyoto🌸, Live in Okinawa🌺 🔹Active, Talkative, Challenging,   Energetic, and Curious😁 🔹certificated Japanese teacher👓 🔹working at physical Japanese language school 🔹can teach you Japanese manner 🔹can teach Kansaiben (dialect) 🔹Leaning mental 💝 🔹I love…💗  Traveling 🎒 Backpacker  KOR, CHN, HKG, MAC, VNM, PHL, MYS,  THA, CAN, MEX, USA, UK, ESP, FRA, ITA,  FIN, UKR, MAR, IRL  Nature science🌲  Tea☕🍵  Fish🐟  Biology🐝  Japanese history (Sengoku, Edo, Samurai)🏯  Video games 🎮(Legend of Zelda, Nintendo💗)  Learning other languages, civilization📚  Spiritual👼  Horror👻  Fomula-1🏎  Berserker, Ghibli📚  my dogs🐕  Japanese comedy, Manzai🤪  meditation🙏  and my students💕

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USD 8.00+
☆Free talking☆ Let's talk in Japanese! Practica de conversación en Japonés
A2 -  C2

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857 lessons completed
USD 10.00+
Paquete con 9% de descuento
The Class With "みんなの日本語" / La Clase Con "みんなの日本語"
A1 -  B1


858 lessons completed
USD 10.00+
Paquete con 9% de descuento
The Class With "Japanese For Busy People1" / La Clase Con "Japanese For Busy People1"
A1 -  B2


148 lessons completed
USD 10.00+
Paquete con 9% de descuento
JLPT N1-N3 文法対策
B1 -  C2

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154 opiniones

Emanuel Caro
56 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Gracias como siempre!! Ayumi sensei siempre se preocupa por resolver a las preguntas más complicadas y tiene una respuesta que es fácil de entender para los estudiantes, me divierto mucho aprendiendo nuevas formas gramaticales. Altamente recomendada si no quieres que aprender gramática sea una tortura!!
17 de oct de 2022
Andrew Jones
60 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Lessons with Ayumi are always an absolute delight. Her classes are always well-balanced with plenty of open-conversation, new vocabulary and grammar instruction. Definitely give her class a try! As always, thankyou very much Ayumi!
15 de mar de 2022
Kevin S
66 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
I've been taking Ayumi-san's lessons for almost a year, usually on a weekly basis and I cannot express how grateful I am for her support. for anyone looking to practice speaking but also get support with grammar, expressions and interesting topics I really recommend her lessons. For anyone maybe worried about making mistakes or not speaking well, Ayumi-san makes the space feel very relaxed and comfortable so beginners, intermediate students and even advanced students would benefit from a warm and friendly environment where topics like Japanese folklore are discussed, all the way to video games and science.
9 de mar de 2022
Marian May
4 clases de Japonés
Me ha encantado la clase. Ha sido estupenda y ya tengo ganas de empezar a estudiar con Ayumi sensei.
12 de ene de 2023
1 clase de Japonés
I really liked the lesson plan Ayumi showed me. It was very interactive and she was very helpful in showing me, a beginner, the intial concepts of structuring japanese sentences.
11 de ene de 2023
11 clases de Japonés
とてもよかったです! 本当にありがとうございました!
10 de ene de 2023
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