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I was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, located in the south of Japan, and now live in Tokyo. I speak standard Japanese. I can also teach the Fukuoka dialect. The most popular dialect in Japan is the Fukuoka dialect! (It is the No. 1 dialect that men want their girlfriends to speak). I like to go out and discover new things, eat tasty food, and watch movies. I love teaching, and I am passionate about coaching learners and teaching them the tools they need to improve their skills and confidence in Japanese.

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Grammar for beginners "Minna no Nihongo" Ⅰ [55-60min. 40-45min 25-30min]
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Conversation Practice 会話(かいわ)
A2 -  C2

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254 opiniones

Vaughn Miles
26 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Akiko San is a perfect Japanese conversation partner. She is always extremely well-prepared for the lesson, explains things well, and has a warm and kind personality. These three things together make for a wonderful one hour of conversation.
9 de ago de 2022
78 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Thank you! It was an excellent lesson as usual. I love how あきさん kindly and eagerly teaches me about Japanese culture. It's very interesting. The PowerPoint presentations she shares are always professional and easy-to-understand. I recommend taking lessons with her :)
22 de nov de 2021
Areta (Yizhen)
142 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Akiさん's grammar lessons are super clear and easy to understand, with tons of exercises in class, so it was easy for me to remember and practice along the way!
17 de may de 2021
Vaughn Miles
26 clases de Japonés
Always a wonderful lesson with Akiko San.
4 de feb de 2023
Shirley Lawson
17 clases de Japonés
Tonight's lesson was very practical - learning to order in a ramen shop, which i will be doing frequently during my stay in Japan. Aki-san makes each lesson very enjoyable so I think it makes it easier to learn since I am relaxed with her.
3 de feb de 2023
Shirley Lawson
17 clases de Japonés
It was an enjoyable lesson tonight. Aki-san always is so helpful and keeps me on track. It is alway fun being with her!
31 de ene de 2023
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