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Hello all, My name is Ellie. I am excited that through italki, I will be able to have the privilege of teaching you my native language. In addition, I speak English and Spanish with fluency as well as a little bit of French. I have lived in Spain for 7 years and currently, I live in Australia. I have my Masters in teaching from Australia and for the past 3 years, I have been teaching Korean. I have also from time to time worked as a translator and interpreter. As a teacher, I guarantee that my classes are productive, interactive, and practical for what you are looking to do.

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17 lessons completed
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TOPIK test prep
A1 -  C2

Preparación de exámenes

8 lessons completed
USD 18.75+
Paquete con 10% de descuento
About Korea culture, cooking and 수다!!!
A1 -  C2


0 lessons completed
USD 14.25+
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A Copycat~~
A2 -  C2

Práctica de conversación

1 lessons completed
USD 10.00+
Paquete con 7% de descuento
Conversational Korean
A1 -  B1

Práctica de conversación

47 lessons completed
USD 10.00+
Paquete con 7% de descuento
Public speaking or interview practice
B1 -  C2


1 lessons completed
USD 18.75+
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Personalised learning
A1 -  C2


58 lessons completed
USD 12.50+


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1 clase de Coreano
쌤이랑 얘기 많이 즐거웠어요 전문한 제인들 제공하셔서 너무 감사했습니다 수업 바이브 도 좋았고 로직 도 잘 정리해주셨어요 또한 재밌는 선생님이에요 🐼
19 de jul de 2023
Jenny Escobar
30 clases de Coreano
Ellie is such an amazing teacher. Our conversations are always based on everyday life. She gave me confidence to speak to my favorite KPop singer in Korean.
1 de jul de 2023
Jenny Escobar
30 clases de Coreano
Ellie is so wonderful and so kind. I needed to say a few things in Korean for an event, and she helped me create what I wanted to say. She also worked with me until I felt confident, and I was pronouncing everything as good as I could. Her encouragement and her kindness is just amazing.
24 de jun de 2023
1 clase de Coreano
선생님 Ellie was friendly and helpful. She asked me questions so I could practice speaking, and she was happy to repeat or slow down anything I had trouble with. She also used the chat to type if I didn't know something, had trouble understanding (listening is a hard skill haha), or she was providing a correction. She would then have me repeat the correct expressions / sentences after her. Great lesson :)
19 de jun de 2023
Grace C
25 clases de Coreano
Ellie is a wonderful teacher, always prepared and always teaching me something new. Each lesson is different, and she challenges me to grow in my reading and writing skills, too!
5 de jun de 2023
1 clase de Coreano
Ellie was so nice to talk to and was really helpful in expanding my vocabulary and improving my pronunciation! Looking forward to more classes in the future~
21 de may de 2023
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