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Hi🥰💕 I am Jooah, a friendly fellow language learner who wants to meet you and help you improve your Korean!👋 - Native Korean speaker who is patient, easy to understand, and always makes a comfortable atmosphere. - I know what it takes to learn a language. I'll customize your lessons to make sure you succeed too! - The best Korean test preparation assistance. I have specialized materials I will send to you. My students have passed even the highest level of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK). - Even the hardest topics in Korean are no problem for me. I worked with a professor making Korean textbooks for over 40,000 Korean students for 7 years.

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Conversation class: 😆✈🇰🇷 SPEAK WITH ME in Korean
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Korean Grammar - Learn and Practice (A1~C2)
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30 clases de Coreano
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Jooah is a really good teacher and I think she tries hard to constantly improve her teaching skills too. Every class is different and follows a slightly different pattern so that things feel fresh. I really enjoy that she teaches in about 98% Korean. She is very accurate with using language that I can almost fully understand, speaking at a speed that is not too challenging or too easy, while also introducing me to new vocabulary and grammar, while directing me to resources to use so I can learn outside of class too. I feel like I am learning quickly with her and I am growing more and more comfortable with conversing in Korean. My Korean in-laws are impressed by my Korean for the first time.
23 de oct de 2023
41 clases de Coreano
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I believe today was a breakthrough lesson! After taking many notes from our lessons, journaling, and practicing on my own time, I was able to speak a lot better than I usually do! Having notes to refer to during my lesson also helped me when I got stuck on a word too. Jooah's ability to understand what I want to say, and help me say it more naturally is very helpful! Her notes are invaluable when I review them! I believe I can only go up from here! 감사합니다 주아 씨!
15 de jul de 2023
우상익 Neo
23 clases de Coreano
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Study with Jooah since December last year, I have passed TOPIK 5, caused by skills that teacher told me , I got 80 points in reading test, although the reading test is so difficult. And my writing, listening also be improved. Thank you Teacher Jooah. You gave me a happy learning experience
25 de may de 2023
1 clase de Coreano
The lesson went really well, she uses really good learning resources, it makes learning Korean fun. Really good teacher!!
25 de nov de 2023
Eva Chiu
20 clases de Coreano
Jooah’s engaging, friendly and supportive - I really enjoy the classes!
20 de nov de 2023
41 clases de Coreano
Every lesson with Jooah is so fun and helpful! Jooah provides well-crafted materials tailored to what I want to learn. She selects topics that allow me to use recently learned vocabulary naturally. Her topics/materials are well organized and useful for many situations. Also, her corrections help ensure that I speak naturally. Her English level is also great. When it comes to specific English phrases, she can give me the Korean version of that phrase for that situation. I appreciate the time and effort she puts in and out of class to prepare materials suitable for me and her students. 감사합니다 주아 씨!
17 de nov de 2023
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