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Hi🥰💕 I am Jooah, a friendly fellow language learner who wants to meet you and help you improve your Korean!👋 - Native Korean speaker who is patient, easy to understand, and always makes a comfortable atmosphere. - I know what it takes to learn a language. I'll customize your lessons to make sure you succeed too! - The best Korean test preparation assistance. I have specialized materials I will send to you. My students have passed even the highest level of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK). - Even the hardest topics in Korean are no problem for me. I worked with a professor making Korean textbooks for over 40,000 Korean students for 7 years.

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Conversation class: 😆✈🇰🇷 SPEAK WITH ME in Korean
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Korean Grammar - Learn and Practice (A1~C2)
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36 clases de Coreano
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I believe today was a breakthrough lesson! After taking many notes from our lessons, journaling, and practicing on my own time, I was able to speak a lot better than I usually do! Having notes to refer to during my lesson also helped me when I got stuck on a word too. Jooah's ability to understand what I want to say, and help me say it more naturally is very helpful! Her notes are invaluable when I review them! I believe I can only go up from here! 감사합니다 주아 씨!
15 de jul de 2023
우상익 Neo
23 clases de Coreano
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Study with Jooah since December last year, I have passed TOPIK 5, caused by skills that teacher told me , I got 80 points in reading test, although the reading test is so difficult. And my writing, listening also be improved. Thank you Teacher Jooah. You gave me a happy learning experience
25 de may de 2023
19 clases de Coreano
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my teacher is so efficient and well organized. She always surprises me as I am learning so much in one lesson than my 3 hours course a week at sejong institute. Grateful for that.
13 de abr de 2023
36 clases de Coreano
Although it was only a 30-minute class, time flew by! Jooah used the time efficiently and I was to practice so much during that time. Jooah also provided me with very useful notes for review for the next class! 감사합니다!
26 de sep de 2023
Bobby Hartanto
5 clases de Coreano
수업은 항상 재미있어요, 진짜 많은 거 말했어요. 다음 주에 만나요. 감사합니다 주아 씨 :)
25 de sep de 2023
Rebecca Onagoruwa
4 clases de Coreano
Wonderful teacher.
25 de sep de 2023
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