Ryo Nakahara, profesor/a de Japonés

Ryo Nakahara

Tutor de la comunidad
Chino (mandarín)
I'm a Japanese teacher who speak English well, and have coaching knowledge.
De JapónVive en Fukuoka, Japón (13:13 UTC+09:00)
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Profesor de italki desde 24 de Nov de 2021
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みなさん、こんにちは! 私の名前は りょうです。 私は、日本の大阪出身で、今は福岡県糸島市に住んでいます。 トルコに1年半ぐらい住んでいました。 日本語教師として200人以上、3000時間教えてきました。 プロの先生として、みなさんに楽しくわかりやすく日本語を教えられます! 好きなことは、旅行にいくことで、今まで30カ国以上の国に旅行に行きました。また、本を読んだり散歩をしたり、写真を撮ったり、ウクレレを演奏したりすることも大好きです。 よろしくお願いします! Hello, Everyone! I’m Ryo. I was born and raised in Osaka. Now I live in Itoshima, Fukuoka I also used to live in Ordu, Turkey where is located in Black sea region. Famous for hazelnuts ^_^ So I speak Turkish fluent too! I really like traveling. I’ve been to more than 30 countries so far. And I like reading books and walking, taking a picture and playing ukulele as well! Thanks for reading and nice to meet you! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu !
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37 opiniones

Estudiante Patrick Sanguineti
Patrick Sanguineti
4 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
I already speak at a fairly high level, so Ryo is being very flexible in how we approach the structure of the session. He is very kind, patient, and supportive. 絶対におすすめです!
29 de nov. de 2023
Estudiante Areeb Rahim
Areeb Rahim
107 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
It's always a great lesson with Ryo sensei. I feel like am learning a lot and Ryo sensei helps explain the difficult concepts to me in a way that I can understand well.
4 de nov. de 2023
Estudiante Carlos
18 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
I have been taking speaking and grammar lessons from Ryo for several months. He is an excellent teacher, very kind and helpful and also easy to talk with. Being a beginner in Japanese and it has helped me a lot that he makes an effort to speak clearly so that I can follow the conversation without having to switch to English too often. He’s always motivated, his lessons are fun and useful at the same time. I highly recommend Ryo to anyone wanting to improve their Japanese language skills.
4 de mar. de 2022
Estudiante KSE222
1 clase de Japonés
Ryo knows a lot and helps if you are struggling, it was a nice experience, thank you!
29 de mar. de 2024
Estudiante John Poh
John Poh
1 clase de Japonés
Enjoyed my conversation with Ryo-sensei. We have quite a few things in common and he took the initiative to ask me questions to keep the talk going.
7 de mar. de 2024
Estudiante James Cevallos
James Cevallos
2 clases de Japonés
Amazing teacher! Looking forward to learning from Ryo :)
6 de mar. de 2024
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