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Hi, I’m Yayoi (ya-yo-ee). I'm a Japanese living in Tokyo. After working as a translator for several IT companies, I started working as a licensed English speaking tour guide. I have shown a lot of visitors around Tokyo. There are so many fun places to see here! I love talking to people from different countries and helping them to get around. I also work as an artist at Comic Con and other events. I like exploring the city of Tokyo, visiting shrines & temples, dancing, music, art, movies and watching sumo! はじめまして、わたしのなまえは やよいです。とうきょうにすんでいます。 にほんごで たのしく おはなししましょう!
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Casual conversation: Let's talk in Japanese! にほんごで はなそう!
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Simple & Easy Survival/Travel Japanese サバイバルにほんご
A1 -  A2

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Let's talk about Anime & Pop culture アニメとポップカルチャーについて はなそう!
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108 opiniones

Estudiante Grace
30 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Yayoi is super sweet, very helpful, kind and patient. My lessons fly by. She's given me more understanding of just regular conversation. It's been very fun! So omoshiroii!
15 de feb. de 2023
Estudiante Rory
51 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
I've had many many lessons with Yayoi-san at this point and they have been exactly what I was looking for. Yayoi-san is a fantastic teacher who listens to your needs and goals and helps to teach you accordingly. She is open and easy to speak with, whether intermediate level like I am now - or at more of a beginner level as I was before! Overall I couldn’t recommend Yayoi-san enough!
31 de jul. de 2022
Estudiante azusa
66 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Great lesson! :) She is very kind and sweet. The amazing thing is that she speaks English very well, so she can translate what you want to say into Japanese very quickly.
29 de ago. de 2021
Estudiante jcut
1 clase de Japonés
Great first lesson with Yayoi-san! She was very helpful and encouraging and would write vocab down in the chat for me to read while we talked. Thank you!
21 de jun. de 2024
Estudiante Patrícia パトリ / 蓝丽夏
Patrícia パトリ / 蓝丽夏
12 clases de Japonés
I love every class that I have with やよい先生! She is an amazing teacher, talkative, very helpful, explaining grammar patterns/words in a very easy and fun way! 毎回の授業はとても楽しかったです!面白いなトピックがたくさんあるもし!毎回たくさんとても便利な新し言葉を私に教えてもらった!やよい先生、毎回ありがとうございます!
29 de abr. de 2024
Estudiante Debbie
28 clases de Japonés
I really appreciate that Yayoi-sensei writes a summary that includes the words and expressions that came up during our lesson. That is so helpful! Thank you!
26 de mar. de 2024
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