Johann K.

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De FranciaVive en Paris, Francia (07:50 UTC+01:00)
Professional French teacher - Professeur de français diplômé
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Salut ! (English below) Je m'appelle Johann, je suis français et j'habite en France ! J'ai aussi la chance d'être un citoyen canadien et d'avoir beaucoup voyagé dans ma vie à travers le monde (Canada, Inde, Chine, Thaïlande, USA, Australie, Indonésie… et plein d'autres pays) ! J'adore la musique, les concerts et la gastronomie. Mais ce que j'aime surtout, c'est enseigner ! Hi there! My name is Johann, I am French and I live in France. I am lucky to also be a Canadian citizen. I have travelled quite a lot around the world over the years (Canada, India, China, Thailand, USA, Australia, Indonesia … and more countries)! I love music, concerts, and gastronomy. But what I love most, is teaching!

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Français pour enfants et adolescents - French for children and teenagers
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Leçons de français général - General French lessons
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Cours de conversation - Conversation classes
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Tutorat avant examens scolaires - Tutoring before school exams
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8 clases de Francés
Selección del profesor
The class that Johann prepared for me is exactly what I needed to achieve my future goals. It was obvious he had spent a lot of time preparing for it prior to giving the class as he effortlessly transitioned from one topic into another. It was overall a very high caliber class and I will definitely take more classes with him. I walked away from the class having learned a lot in just one hour.
12 de oct de 2022
42 clases de Francés
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Johann is truly a one-of-a-kind teacher. Patient, kind, enthusiastic and empathetic; he is someone who tailors every lesson to your needs and is most encouraging. Learning a foreign language can at first seem like you are stepping into a dark forest, but with Johann’s thoughtful guidance, it feels more like a pleasant walk in the park. His lessons are always efficacious and delightful. Merci Johann, tu es extraordinaire! :)
22 de sep de 2021
Enza Pham
77 clases de Francés
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Johann is incredibly easy to talk to and understood my goals for learning French. He offered many options and approaches to our lessons, and I look forward to continuing with him as my teacher!
10 de sep de 2021
Daniel Motte
1 clase de Francés
Johann es un profesor muy agradable, con el que se puede entablar conversación fácilmente y que se ajusta a tus necesidades. Además, cuenta con los materiales necesarios para enseñar de forma didáctica y hacerte practicar.
6 de ene de 2023
8 clases de Francés
I had technical problems to get in and I was so grateful that Johann waited for me. I have always believed that French men are very chivalrous. Then, we jumped into the lesson almost immediately after a few polite exchanges. I really appreciated the fact that during the lesson, I learned a lot and in the end, I didn't feel as if I had lost 15 minutes because Johann made up for that lost time. Thank you so much.
17 de dic de 2022
10 clases de Francés
Great trial session looking forward for more lessons
8 de dic de 2022
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