Louis Burdon

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Native English teacher from London | Conversation Practice | Economics Graduate | Fluent in Spanish
De Reino UnidoVive en London, Reino Unido (22:15 UTC+01:00)
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Profesor de italki desde 1 de Jul de 2021
email: [email protected] I'm a native English teacher from just outside of London, currently living between Spain and the UK. I work hard to make my lessons fun, engaging and enjoyable. To describe myself in three words; I'm sporty, relaxed, and adventurous. After growing up in the UK, I studied Economics at University College Dublin, then moved to Madrid where I taught English for 5 years whilst simultaneously setting up an internet company. I like to ski, play rugby, surf (although it's been a while), and I recently started skateboarding.

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Perfect Business English | Specialised Topics | Interview Preparation | Presentations
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English for Everyday Life | Pronunciation with an English accent
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Editing Services (Cover Letter, CVs, etc.)
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80 opiniones

Elieser Pereira
29 clases de Inglés
Selección del profesor
Louis is a such awesome teacher to have class with. I can't recommend him enough. I feel like I can talk to him about every topic that comes in my mind and he seems interested to understand me and the topic itself. Louis' advices are on point and it helps me to improve the language. Louis is so freindly, communicative, helpful and polite as well.
11 de ene de 2023
4 clases de Inglés
Selección del profesor
Louis helped me with my university applications, he edited all the documents I sent and sent me back before the deadline. There was several paragraphs I didn’t know how to deal with and he wrote them perfectly! Thank you Louis!!
12 de ene de 2022
Zhenyu Lu
41 clases de Inglés
Selección del profesor
Louis is a really good teacher, he is very patient and would correct all the mistakes that I made, he is also very inspirational and I really enjoy taking class with him :)
1 de sep de 2021
maha ali
3 clases de Inglés
‏I’m glad to attend the lesson, it was beneficial and fun 🦋
12 de feb de 2024
7 clases de Inglés
老师很耐心 帮我纠正语法错误,很大帮助 谢谢老师
9 de dic de 2023
Anton Novoselov
1 clase de Inglés
I had the first lesson with Louis, and the lesson was fantastic! We talked about several topics. Louis is a great teacher. He highlighted my errors along the way, provided helpful feedback, and shared less known nuances of the English language with me. And most importantly, Louis is a very interesting and pleasant person to have a converation with. I'm going to have more lessons with him. I highly recommend Louis!
12 de nov de 2023
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