Tuğçe Bağlıoğlu, profesor/a de Inglés

Tuğçe Bağlıoğlu

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Passionate Community Teacher : Delving into Conversations,Uncovering the World Together!
De TurquíaVive en Gdansk, Polonia (04:31 UTC+02:00)
Acerca de mí
Profesor de italki desde 2 de Apr de 2022
Tema de interésMúsicaPelículasViajes
Hi, I'm Tuğçe,originally from the beautiful Republic of Turkey and currently living in Poland. I'm pursuing a master's in management while fueling my passion for languages and teaching. I've taught English to children in Denmark and Turkish to foreigners in Poland. With a diverse background, I bring creativity and captivating presentations to my lessons. My background in Cinema and Television adds a unique twist to my teaching style. I've honed my presentation skills over the years, making my lessons engaging and captivating.Sharing my travel memories adds a fun element. Let's make language learning immersive and memorable !
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Estudiante Paweł Piotrowski
Paweł Piotrowski
24 clases de Turco
Selección del profesor
Please don't look for another teacher anymore. You've found the best option. Tuğçe is a cheerful, patient, and competent teacher. She always brings up interesting topics and introduces new issues to discuss. I highly recommend her.
15 de jun. de 2023
Estudiante Lucas Bighetti
Lucas Bighetti
17 clases de Turco
Selección del profesor
7 starts teacher! I've had hundreds of lessons with a plethora of teachers, and Tuğçe is one of the best I have ever met. She primed me into entering a flow-state by asking me questions related to what I was saying and facilitated my speaking with all the words I needed to complete my own sentences without having to interrupt me after each sentence. Tuğçe wrote down all the words I didn't know and was patient enough to hear my broken Turkish. She immediately understood my needs as a student, and before I knew it, the lesson was about to end. Thank you very much for this great lesson!
10 de sep. de 2022
Estudiante yara
4 clases de Turco
Selección del profesor
My lesson was amazing! I love the approach of the class and how we discussed many interesting topics. She also recommended some great Turkish movies and books and was correcting me as I was speaking which I really appreciated. The teacher was very patient with me and was more than happy to help me whenever I forgot a word or made a grammatical error. I will definitely be booking with her again and continue my lessons with her because I really enjoyed our conversations together.
10 de may. de 2022
Estudiante Bohdan Velykyi
Bohdan Velykyi
1 clase de Inglés
We had wonderful conversations about living conditions in Türkiye, Poland and Ukraine. She has wonderful pronunciation. She constructs sentences beautifully and uses clear phrases in English. Therefore, it was not difficult for me to understand her.
13 de abr. de 2024
Estudiante 奶茶加冰Zhang
2 clases de Inglés
Very good lesson. Tutor is so enthusiastic and friendly. I really enjoy the time.
24 de feb. de 2024
Estudiante Sergio Romero
Sergio Romero
3 clases de Inglés
Excellent Teacher, she is very funny and patient, I loved her class.
9 de ene. de 2024
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