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Hello. My name is Azusa. I’m from Chiba, Japan, and now live in Tokyo. Also, I have lived in Osaka for about 15 years. So I usually speak no accent Japanese, but if you are interested in “Kansaiben” (it means Kansai accent Japanese), I can speak it fluently too. Just request me. I have many hobbies. I like eating, drinking with my friends, playing volleyball, watching movies, playing the flute, and traveling. I've been to Canada, America, the Philippines, Korea, Singapore, and many places in Japan. What's your hobby? Please tell me in Japanese! こんにちは。私の名前はあずさです。 日本の千葉県で生まれて、今は東京の新宿に住んでいます。 大阪にも15年間住んでいたので、標準語の他に関西弁も話すことができます。 私は趣味がたくさんあるので、みなさんと楽しい話をたくさんしたいと思っています。 よろしくお願いします(^^)

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Flora and Note
1 clase de Japonés
I had a great first lesson with Azusa sensei. She's very positive and patient with me as I am a beginner trying to learn the basics of Japanese. It was a lot of fun and I am already looking forward to my next lesson with her.
22 de sep de 2023
Katherine H. (Kel)
46 clases de Japonés
Azusa always has great articles to read and explains anything I don't know so well. She's incredible either for conversation or reading practice. I always look forward to my lessons with her!
28 de ago de 2023
6 clases de Japonés
Azusa-san is so nice and fun to talk with! She helps a lot with explaining kanji and specific words I haven't used much in the past. Getting to talk with her is super helpful with getting my speaking level much better. アズサさん、本当にありがとうございます!たくさん練習します!^_^
24 de ago de 2023
Christopher Ashlock
73 clases de Japonés
I often forget to simply the words i use which makes it harder to find Japanese equivalents. Azuska-sensei never turns away anything I thrown at her and she always sticks with me until we find a good word! She cares about her students and it has truly made a difference in my learning. ありがとうございます!
24 de ago de 2023
Jake S.
6 clases de Japonés
Azusa is a very good teacher. She is extremely clear and easy to understand and she corrects you if you say something in an unnatural way. She is also super easy to talk to! All of my lessons so far with her have been amazing. あずささんはとてもいい先生だ。理解しやすくて、間違っているときに教えてくれます。それに、話しやすい。あずささんとのレッスンはどれも素晴らしかった。 ありがとうございます、あずささん!
2 de ago de 2023
1 clase de Japonés
Azusa Sendai is very engaging and encouraging. I look forward to more lessons with her in the future.
23 de jul de 2023
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