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Learn Spanish from scratch or conversational Spanish with me!
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Hi! 😊 My name is Álvaro, I am 25 years old and I am originally from Venezuela but i am living in Barcelona, Spain To let you know a little about me: I like to watch classic and independent movies, i like to listen to music (especially rock and pop), reading books such as philosophy and essays, i like art in general, italian food and learning about other cultures I am a lawyer, but my passion is the languages ​​and teaching Spanish since it is a language with a lot of historical importance and very useful if you want to work, study, travel or comunnicate with others

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116 opiniones

10 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
Álvaro was very good. He has a variety of different interests and I enjoyed our conversation. He provided me with some helpful corrections on my Spanish.
23 de oct de 2022
8 clases de Español
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I took conversation classes with Alvaro. He is like your friend, very encouraging, supportive, tailored to your need. He makes me relaxed and speak out easily. The class is full of fun. Thank you Alvaro!
21 de ago de 2022
Mark Hedgecox
18 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
thoroughly enjoyed the 1st lesson, very personable, allowed the conversation to flow and was very interactive. Would certainly recommend Alvero and look forward to booking another lesson
28 de jul de 2022
Patrick Wickham
2 clases de Español
Hoy hablé con Álvaro sobre preguntas de conversación. Me gusta la conversación, y aprendi mucho. Gracias! Cuidado de los raspados!
25 de ene de 2023
Patrick Wickham
2 clases de Español
gran conversación! Alvaro was very friendly and easy to talk to. I liked that the lesson was mostly in Spanish so that I could try and absorb as much as possible
18 de ene de 2023
Samuel Broughton
3 clases de Español
Álvaro came into the lesson with minimal information or preparation due to my lack of communication (he attempted to contact me), and still gave me a brilliant lesson in Spanish. He is very patient and possesses the ability to go as slow or as fast as required and tailor to your needs on the spot. He came across as very knowledgable and sincere and I believe his prepared lessons are even better. Will definitely continue learning with him. Additionally, he rates his English at a 3/5 but don't be put off as I would rate him as fluent, he can speak fast with no mistakes at all and understand me speaking as I would with a native.
20 de dic de 2022
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