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Bonjour, je m'appelle Camille. J'ai 36 ans et je suis française. J'ai grandi à Paris où j'ai étudié en école d'art et j'ai obtenu mon diplôme de graphiste. J'ai travaillé dans le tourisme pendant 8 ans, ce qui m'a permis de voyager à travers le monde. Je suis de nature joyeuse, j'aime voyager, découvrir de nouvelles cultures, de nouvelles langues et partager avec les gens. Hello, my name is Camille. I'm 36 years old and I'm french. I grew up in Paris where I studied in arts school and I graduated as a graphic designer. I worked in tourism for 8 years, which allowed me to travel around the world. I'm joyful, I love to travel, to discover new cultures, new languages and to share with people.

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I wish I could give Camille more stars ✨ She encourages you to speak French, which is something I appreciate and value. If you're planning on booking lessons with her, book a couple or three in advance otherwise you might not find any availability hours. I booked three and had to choose the 30min for two of them because of that. She's a gem. Merci beaucoup, Camille pour tout et pour votre patience.
27 de ene de 2022
18 clases de Francés
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Camille is awesome! Yet another great conversation with a great conversationalist. She's patient and motivating.. and I almost don't want to leave a 5 star review because I don't want to have to fight for her time :)
23 de ene de 2022
21 clases de Francés
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Excellent first lesson with Camille. She is really friendly and easy to converse with. She corrected my mistakes and explained in a different way if I didn't understand something she said in French. She is very patient and can also speak English too. I will definitely be booking more lessons with her.
13 de nov de 2021
Marta Krawczyk
20 clases de Francés
Camille is one of the best language teacher I have ever had, because a conversation feels very natural and genuine. We discuss things which are fascinating. Since I leave in France, I have a lot of questions a bout the daily life, and it is very practical I can ask them to Camille. Camille is interested in one's hobbies and knows a lot about each of them. That is why it feels like a conversation with a friend, which enormously improves the learning experience.
24 de may de 2023
3 clases de Francés
Camille is so friendly and fun to talk to so it doesn’t feel like a lesson and I just enjoy using French. Always look forward to her lessons!
20 de abr de 2023
14 clases de Francés
Camille m'aide beaucoup.
17 de abr de 2023
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