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De República de CoreaVive en Seoul, República de Corea (10:22 UTC+09:00)
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[The Guide to K-Universe] now available!! Book Link: 🎁 *그거 봤어?(Did you watch it?) Podcast host* 고려대학교 독어독문과 졸업 LG 입사 후 미군부대와 협업 모리타니아 & 이집트 해외봉사활동 1년 영어학원 강사 1년 Are you tired of a typical textbook and boring class? Ta-da! here I am to help you:) I'm a Korean teacher on iTalki. I graduated from Korea Univ and studied German Language and Literature there. After graduation, I entered the LG company and co-worked with USFK for over 2 years. I met people from Mauritania & Egypt for 1 year, which was a great experience for me.

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27 clases de Coreano
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Gunny is such a great teacher. He puts a lot of time and care into preparing classes based on my personal interests and always has a lot of fun topics and ideas to share. I'm not only able to learn many new vocabularies and how to create more natural sounding sentences from his class, but we also speak in Korean for the vast, vast majority of the lesson which is great conversation practice. Even though I'm not yet great at speaking Korean, we are able to have many fun conversations and Gunny is incredibly patient, understanding, and encouraging. I recommend his K universe classes!
10 de jun de 2022
77 clases de Coreano
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Gunny's class is irreplaceable. I always feel new and learn a lot every time even after so many classes. There are so many moments I'm so grateful to have him as my teacher because I wouldn't be able to know those things if weren't for him!
25 de abr de 2022
Patricia Toledo
32 clases de Coreano
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I love my classes with Gunny! It’s the best moment of my weeks. Today he showed me a video of something I love, and I was so happy about it :) 고마워요 선생님
29 de mar de 2022
9 clases de Coreano
The lesson with Gunny was amazing and fun as always. The lessons are always based on my interests an abilities. Thank you :).
19 de sep de 2023
Marion Groch
5 clases de Coreano
Great teacher ! I always have a really great time with Gunny everytime we have class and the time is literally fliying ! He's so patient and be sure to keep you motivated anytime ! Thank you so much for everything !
14 de ago de 2023
11 clases de Coreano
Gunny is truly an amazing teacher! His lessons are always carefully prepared, consistently well-organised and so much fun. On top of that, he's so positive and motivating which creates a learning environment that instantly puts you at ease. If you're looking to learn Korean, I wholeheartedly recommend going with Gunny!
12 de ago de 2023
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