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My name is Alina Belova. I’m a native Russian speaker. I has finished a Medical Academy in Russia. I’m a doctor. Now I live in Istanbul, I want to continue my education and work here. In my opinion, studying different languages helps people's brain to develop. Switching from one language to another is the most difficult work ro our brain. Thus I am studying 3 languages myself. These are English, Turkish and Georgian.

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39 opiniones

Andy D
1 clase de Ruso
Very good at explaining grammar rules. Explains then gives a chance to practice. She adapts her lesson to your level of speaking. Also was very nice person. I like how she writes down the phrases you practice in class.
29 de may de 2023
35 clases de Ruso
I cannot recommend Alina highly enough. Her expertise in the language and her passion for teaching make her an exceptional instructor, especially considering that Russian is known to be a difficult language to learn. As someone who struggles with language learning, I can attest to the fact that she has been an immense help to me. She made me feel comfortable speaking and practicing the language. She is always patient, encouraging, and enthusiastic, which makes the learning experience fun and engaging, even for someone like me who doesn't find language learning easy. What sets her apart is her ability to make complex grammar concepts easy to understand and remember. She takes the time to explain everything thoroughly and gives plenty of examples to help students grasp the material, even when it seems particularly challenging. If you're looking for an exceptional instructor who is passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping her students succeed, look no further!
3 de may de 2023
35 clases de Ruso
I am very happy with Alina lessons. Russian is hard languages but Alina explains all very well. She correct my prononciation and She send me all the notes after every lessons. Also, she’s available if I have questions. She’s very professional and friendly. I highly recommend her if you want to learn Russian!
22 de sep de 2022
Nicholas O Callaghan
30 clases de Ruso
Great lesson as always with Alina.
19 de sep de 2022
35 clases de Ruso
great teacher as always
11 de ago de 2022
Nicholas O Callaghan
30 clases de Ruso
Alina is a very patient teacher. I had to do a very basic lesson learning the Cyrillic alphabet and she was incredibly patient while teaching. Thank you Alina!
2 de jun de 2022
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