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Everyone dreams, but the content of dreams varies drastically from person to person. Let’s share your most memorable dreams and write down the insights provided by dreams into your life.
Did you know 80% of progress in anything is MINDSET? Why do you think top performers like athletes have mindset coaches? Because if they don't believe they are the best they will never reach the top. The same is true for learning a language, if you believe any of these or a variation of any of these, then you're setting yourself up for failure. I'm just not good at learning languages It's so complicated learning a language It's really hard to learn a language as an adult It takes years and years to learn a language I'm not sure I can learn English You can't behave out of alignment with your beliefs. So why not create beliefs that empower you instead of limit you? Personally, I only believe things that help me, it doesn't matter if it's delusional as long as you back it up with work because then it will inevitably come true!
18 juil. 2024 08:20
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