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Please read the assigned article and answer the corresponding questions based on your comprehension under the post.
Causatives: Causatives are grammatical constructions used to indicate that one person causes another person to do something or causes a certain action to happen. In English, causatives are often formed using the verbs "have," and "get." Sure! Here are examples of causatives using "have" and "get": ### Examples: 1. **Have** (give someone the responsibility to do something) - I **had** the mechanic fix my car. - He **has** his assistant prepare the report. 2. **Get** (persuade or convince someone to do something) - She **got** him to clean the house. - I **got** my friend to help me with my project. ### Example Sentences in Different Tenses: - **Have**: - Present: I **have** my brother take out the trash. - Past: She **had** the waiter bring another drink. - Future: He will **have** the contractor build a new deck. - **Get**: - Present: He **gets** his sister to help with chores. - Past: I **got** them to agree to the terms. - Future: She will **get** her team to finish the project on time.
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