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I am focusing on developing speaking and enriching students vocabulary.
시작 불가리아불가리아, Sofia 거주 중 (12:00 UTC+02:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2021년 Jun 9일
흥미로운 주제환경 및 자연동물스포츠영화음악
Hello there, it's Daniel from Sofia the capital of Bulgaria. Currently I work as purchasing specialist. My hobbies are running, hiking, walking my dog which is a lovely small black cross-breed. I'm really passionate about doing something like making my surrounding more pleasant for living and helping others. *If not finding a time slot appropriate for you, you can message me.

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USD 8.00+
Conversational Bulgarian/Разговорен български език A1 - B1
A1 -  B1

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132개 강의 완료됨
USD 10.00+
패키지(10% 할인가)
Conversational Bulgarian/Разговорен български език B2 - C2
B2 -  C2

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USD 10.00+
패키지(10% 할인가)
Bulgarian Grammar/Граматика на българския език A1 - B1
A1 -  C1


2개 강의 완료됨
USD 10.00+
패키지(10% 할인가)

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15개의 평가

Anna Zahálková
9개의 불가리아어 강의
강사님의 선택
It was the first lesson and it was great. Thank you 👍
2024년 1월 11일
10개의 불가리아어 강의
강사님의 선택
I am thrilled to write a review for Dani, my Bulgarian language teacher. Dani's exceptional teaching skills have significantly contributed to my learning journey. His deep understanding and proficiency in the language are evident in every lesson. What sets Dani apart is his remarkable patience and professionalism. He approaches each lesson with a seriousness that underscores his dedication, yet he creates an environment that is both comfortable and conducive to learning. This balance of professionalism and approachability makes each session not just educational, but truly enjoyable.
2023년 12월 16일
Matthew Rayner
45개의 불가리아어 강의
강사님의 선택
Daniel is well prepared and provides excellent materials for the lesson. He provides very good conversational practise which is important for us. He is responsive to our learning needs, both in the lesson and with materials for the next lesson, to ensure progress over time. This format has worked well for us.
2023년 11월 21일
Frank Schaffels
1개의 불가리아어 강의
Danny is a good listener. We put some goals for next lessons. To start with the real lessons.
2023년 12월 23일
Adam Car
25개의 불가리아어 강의
Great first lesson Danny, see you soon.
2023년 10월 24일
Roberto Azaar
1개의 불가리아어 강의
all good , thanks!!
2023년 8월 11일
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