Frances Jane
Returning to my country of birth after living overseas for 3 years, I found I had absorbed the customs and greetings of my host country, words automatically came out of my mouth wrong, and my brain couldn't switch back without even realizing, walking around the supermarket in my home country felt surreal and weird. Full reintegration took about a year. In my opinion, don't underestimate how as humans we adapt and meld into our surroundings without even being aware of it. Be patient with ourselves - it takes time
16 mei 2022 15:43
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I know the experience. That’s both daunting and exciting. This massive ability to adapt makes me question the concept of identity, something we so passionately stick to, for defining ourselves. And it’s exciting since it shows how versatile and limitless we can be as human beings.
24 mei 2022
I came back to the UK after just after three years away too. It was a curious experience as everything felt familiar and strange at the same time! I also moved my base from the English midlands to the Scottish coast... so that has been quite an experience too. It's so true that we evolve and adapt without even noticing!
31 augustus 2022
Thanks for this interesting information!
19 mei 2022
Wow! Thank you for sharing this! It might have been a difficult process. It's crazy how even though it was your home country, where you lived most of your life (I imagine), it took you time to readapt. I remember when I went to Spain for only 2 weeks, I returned speaking with the Spanish accent. Everyone asked why I was speaking like that. After 1 month or so I return speaking with my home accent. If it only took me 2 weeks to adapt to the accent, I can't imagine how much you got from 3 years!
17 mei 2022
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23 mei 2022