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I have a new course for you to practice travel conversations in Japanese!
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Hello, I'm Yuiko living in Okinawa. I also teach Japanese at a Japanese language school. My hobby is traveling. I've been to Vietnam, China, Nepal, India, Korea, Combodia, Taiwan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Syria as well. I became a Japanese language teacher because I wanted many people to know and like Japan. You can enjoy your trip more if you can speak the language of that country. Why don't you, who are planning a trip to Japan, learn Japanese? I also like to play Japanese and Okinawan traditional music with an Okinawan bamboo flute. I also work at a hospital as a sonographer. I like talking with people from different cultures. I'm looking forward to seeing you!

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Daily phrases  ~Let's improve your basic Japanese communication skills!~
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Japanese conversation.
A1 -  B2

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NEW!! Let's practice speaking! ~Aiming to be “possible”~
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Enjoy Travel Conversations in Japanese!
A1 -  A2

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Student Nathan Kissoon
Nathan Kissoon
1 Japans les
17 dec. 2023
Student Adam Beck
Adam Beck
7 Japans lessen
I've tried a number of teachers at italki, and have enjoyed my lessons with all of them, but Yuiko-sensei is the very best!
13 jan. 2023
Student Adam Beck
Adam Beck
7 Japans lessen
Yuiko is an excellent teacher and every lesson is really enjoyable.
8 jan. 2023
Student Adam Beck
Adam Beck
7 Japans lessen
I really enjoyed my first lesson with Yuiko. She's very fun to talk to and she offered a lot of helpful tips for my first trip to Okinawa. Thank you, Yuiko!
6 dec. 2022
Student Domonic
23 Japans lessen
I am a complete beginner in Japanese, the first lesson with Yuiko sensei was an introduction of myself and informing her of my long term goals. She is an excellent teacher, the lessons are fun and enjoyable and are at paced well. The lessons are tailored to my needs, and she is flexible with her teaching while still following a curriculum. All in all, she is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend her.
28 nov. 2022
Student Kamila
1 Japans les
It was a great lesson!!!!
19 aug. 2022
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