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Professional, certified and PhD experimented French teacher of 10 years of experience
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Bonjour ! Have you ever pondered the enchanting voyage of acquiring a new language? It provides a remarkable departure from the familiar rhythm of one's native tongue. Intrigued? Let's set sail on this linguistic adventure together. On a personal note, I have a deep affection for reading, a keen eye for photography, and a passion for filmmaking. Under my tutelage, you will not only come to appreciate the art of mastering French, but you will also achieve a remarkable fluency in its application. As a dedicated French instructor, I derive immense pleasure from our interactions, savoring our conversations, absorbing your viewpoints, and discerning your distinct learning needs.

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General French and grammar (Intensive and occasional lessons)
A1 -  C2


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Get Ready for French Exams: TEF/TCF/DELF/DALF
A1 -  C2


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Professional French Editing & Writing Skills
B1 -  C2


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Let's talk in French! / Speak with confidence: French Pronunciation and Accent
A1 -  C2

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Writing in French - Proofreading - Translation (English-French-Arabic)
A1 -  C2


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French Communication: Job Interviews & Business
A1 -  C2


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Student Nicole Wang
Nicole Wang
18 Frans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
I started with Oussama five weeks ago to prepare for my DELF B2 french exmas. I've traditionally had trouble with oral production because I haven't had much chance to practice with a native speaker but I feel like over these five weeks, it has started to feel more natural hearing questions in french and also responding in french. Although I am still hesitant at times, it has gotten much better as Oussama asks insightful questions that prompt me to express myself. Oussama also has a large quantity of resources available that has really helped me improve my voabulary. Overall, I have had a very positive experience and would recommened to anyone who wants to improve their french and become more spontaneous.
12 mei 2024
Student Youssef Elmougy
Youssef Elmougy
229 Frans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Prof. Oussama is a very knowledgable professor and a patient and creative person. He mixes in all types of lessons to make learning and grasping a new language so enjoyable. He includes in reading components, writing components, listening components, and gives alot of time and thought into conversation components as well. He is always prepared before the lessons and he always gives me the plan for the next lesson before we finish so that we can both be well prepared. We've completed lessons everyday for almost 2 months now and my plan is to definitely continue this learning process with him. In this time, I've been able to build up a good vocabulary and I can now hold decent conversations during class and with my friends, ofcourse with more time there will be more progress but given that we've been doing lessons for almost 2 months only this has been great progress. I am actually enjoying the process of learning french with Prof. Oussama very much and I would recommend him to everyone!
4 dec. 2023
Student Anderson Moraes
Anderson Moraes
28 Frans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Oussama is a great tutor, very helpful, friendly, and warm, and he corrected my mistakes often and taught me correct sentences with talking and typing. He is one of my favorite tutors. Thank you for the excellent class. I like you as the best teacher, and your suggestions, comments, and reviews are fantastic. I enjoy practicing French with you. I will see you at the next class as soon as possible.
3 mrt. 2023
Student Julia Nguyen
Julia Nguyen
1 Frans les
I’m excited to start the lesson. He seems a great teacher and will be able to help me achieve my goals.
11 mei 2024
Student Eli
3 Frans lessen
It was really tough! But I learned a lot.
9 mei 2024
Student John
4 Frans lessen
A very enjoyable lesson .
9 mei 2024
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