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Learn with a DELF-certified teacher with over 6 years of experience! 🏆👨‍🎓🙌
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Bonjour ! :) Je m'appelle Marion, et je suis professeure de français. Enchantée ! / My name is Marion, and I'm a French teacher. Nice to meet you! I've been teaching French since I graduated in 2017, and I've since worked in France and abroad with people from all different backgrounds and cultures. I lived several years in Cambodia and Malaysia, two countries that are now close to my heart and that I look forward to visiting again in the near future. I'm a big tree lover, a postal card aficionado (it doesn't have to be lame, I promise!), and I live my life full of music and great food! I also enjoy boardgame nights, quadbiking in the mud and escape games :) À bientôt, j'espère !

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Cours de français général // French classes for adults
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Préparation au DELF // DELF workshop [A1-B2]
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Cours de conversation // Conversational French Class for adults
B1 -  C2

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Cours pour enfants et adolescents // Kids and teens classes (8-17 years old)
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Keuze van de leerkracht
Marion teaches three of my children and she is just wonderful. I appreciate that she takes the time to make sure they thoroughly understand one thing before moving to the next. She is a kind, organized, and a patient teacher. I’m so glad we found her!
11 jan 2024
Paul L
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Keuze van de leerkracht
Gentille, sincère, patiente. Marion utilise des activités très intéressantes pour t'aider à parler. Elle te corrige mais elle ne t'empêche pas à parler. Super prof. Tout simplement, elle me donne envie de parler français, ce dont j'ai besoin pour me progresser.
6 apr 2023
Scott Merchant
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Keuze van de leerkracht
This was my first grammar lesson with Marion after a number of conversation lessons. I really enjoyed it and think Marion structures her lessons (both grammar and conversation) very well and in a way that makes it easy to maintain focus. The hour lesson went very quickly!
5 nov 2022
4 Frans lessen
Marion was able to make learning numbers very fun - something that certainly isn't easy to do for this topic! Merci beaucoup Marion! :)
25 jan 2024
9 Frans lessen
Marion est bien organisée. Elle a compris exactement comment m'aider à accomplir mes objectifs à propos l'examen DELF/DALF. Pendant toute la leçon elle reste concentrée.
22 jan 2024
Jan Treiber
2 Frans lessen
Great conversation lesson to prepare for an interview.
10 jan 2024
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