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Certified language teacher / Spanish language philologist / Master's degree in translation
Uit BulgarijeWoont in Pazardzik, Bulgarije (11:26 UTC+03:00)
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italki leerkracht sinds 22 May 2022
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Hi! My name is Lily and I am language teacher. Graduated at Sofia University as Philologist and Foreign Languages Teacher, on Italki I teach Bulgarian as a foreign language. Bulgarian is my native language, although I dominate Spanish at the same level and I have an intermediate level of English. I dedicate myself to the world of language. Teaching is both an art and a science for me and I enjoy it.

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Bulgarian Conversation Class
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Bulgarian Class by level
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Student Joy Sale
Joy Sale
2 Bulgaars lessen
She is a wonderful teacher. She is very helpful in guiding the lessons to be most helpful for the student and working on areas where the student has more difficulties. She is organized and has good resources for homework or self study as well.
16 apr. 2024
Student Frank Schaffels
Frank Schaffels
12 Bulgaars lessen
Lily is a top teacher, intelligent approach, and very focused
25 mrt. 2024
Student Maria
2 Bulgaars lessen
Mi primera clase ha ido genial, Lily explica todo con ejemplos y cuenta con materiales adecuados al nivel.
11 mrt. 2024
Student Frank Schaffels
Frank Schaffels
12 Bulgaars lessen
Lily is just the best teacher I could imagine.
4 mrt. 2024
Student M c
M c
34 Bulgaars lessen
good wibes, excellent explanations.
23 feb. 2024
Student Louis Hogenhout
Louis Hogenhout
6 Bulgaars lessen
I just had my third session of learning Bulgarian with Lily. Personally I have already set up a lot of habits regarding learning the language, but the grammar part I find tough to do alone. Lily is very friendly and willing to adapt her teaching to your needs. She also offers learning material. I found out that Lily and I have very different working brains in terms of learning. While it was a bit of a challenge for me at first (and perhaps for her too), I feel over the time of a few sessions we are more adapting to each other. Our grammar lesson today regarding plural forms in Bulgarian was very helpful, and gives me enough guidance to further practice it on my own. I can definitely recommend Lily as a teacher.
21 feb. 2024
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