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Effective, stress free method , focuses on input and output with emphasis on oral skills of students
Uit IndiaWoont in Lucknow, India (22:49 UTC+05:30)
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italki leerkracht sinds 15 Mar 2023
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My name is Sona which means gold and sleep. My friends think that my character is like gold and I love sleeping. I am from India. I have completed my post graduation in Hindi and also my B.ed.(professional degree for teaching). I have also cleared Central Teaching Eligibility Test. I love teaching. In my free time I like to dance, and enjoy nature, birds, water. Sometime I like to cook. I love reading Bible and self help books, watching funny movies, listening to music and prayers, laughing a lot and enjoying life.

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Hindi for Children
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Student Eline
34 Hindi lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
I am extremely happy I met Sona. She is exactly the kind of teacher i was hoping to meet; very friendly, very trustworthy, she is a good teacher and does everything she can for her student. ive had 16 classes so far and my understanding and sentence making skills have improved so much. with her help i believe i can become a hindi speaker. i would really really recommend her as a teacher; so dont look for other but book a trial class with sona and you will be happy ;)
12 nov. 2023
Student Shilpa Rao
Shilpa Rao
61 Hindi lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Sona is a fantastic teacher for the following reasons: 1) She has a variety of techniques (pictures, conversation, grammar sheets, verb practice, listening) and uses Italkis features well 2) she adapts the methods to the level that you are at, including real-time adjustments based on how quickly you are learning 3)its not just rote memorization; its all applicable and practical way of learning She is also very kind and easy to talk to. Her passion for teaching shows through. I'm looking forward to learning more with her.
13 jul. 2023
Student Annie
40 Hindi lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
I really love the dirty dozen method for learning new vocabulary! It is so cool how one remembers most of the words without studying!
6 jul. 2023
Student Pablo (TPRS®/CI)
Pablo (TPRS®/CI)
19 Hindi lessen
Thank you for another great lesson and for your flexibility in helping me grasp new ways to communicate.
1 mei 2024
Student Nahum Peter
Nahum Peter
11 Hindi lessen
I really am enjoying the lessons with Sona. Sona teaches at a great pace of learning for me and uses some visual activities which help me. I recommend giving a lesson a go with Sona if you're looking for an organised teacher with a clear plan for your learning. Shukriya, Sona!
17 apr. 2024
Student Pablo (TPRS®/CI)
Pablo (TPRS®/CI)
19 Hindi lessen
Time goes by so quickly thanks to Sona's carefully planned sequences. One of the activities I enjoy the most is learning vocabulary through TPR, where the focus is on listening to repeated exposures of the words or phrases. It's not only effective but also stress-free because I'm not pushed to produce until I'm ready.
3 apr. 2024
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