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Siyana Bencheva

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italki leerkracht sinds 9 Jul 2023
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My name is Siyana and I was born in the sea capital of Bulgaria- Varna. I am a reader, linguist and traveller at heart. I speak three languages fluently- Bulgarian, French and English. I am interested in writing, literature, and in my free time I play the piano. For me, language is one of the most sacred wonders of the world, it can connect people even if they are thousands of miles away. Let's embark on this adventure together- the language!

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14 Beoordelingen

Student Dominiek
11 Bulgaars lessen
Despite my busy work schedule, having lessons with Siyana is always a pleasant moment in the week as she is flexible in adapting the content to your level and capacities. If this would not be the case, I would not have continued the course.
11 apr. 2024
Student Elliott Church
Elliott Church
21 Bulgaars lessen
Siyana is patient, encouraging, and systematic. She takes the time to focus on important basics of grammar, reading, writing, and pronunciation. She divides the lesson effectively between conversation and instruction, enabling me to practice existing skills as well as learn new ones. Thank you for teaching, Siyana!
23 feb. 2024
Student Elliott Church
Elliott Church
21 Bulgaars lessen
Siyana's teaching style is positive and patient. Lessons are fun and challenging. Siyana uses a variety of exercises that involve reading, speaking, and grammar. I like that Siyana corrects my grammar, word choice, and pronunciation. Thank you for teaching, Siyana!
19 feb. 2024
Student Elliott Church
Elliott Church
21 Bulgaars lessen
Siyana is patient and encouraging. Lessons with Siyana are fun and challenging. I like that she frequently introduces new subjects and words, which is of great value in improving oral comprehension and vocabulary. I like also that she corrects my pronunciation, grammar, and word choice. Thank you for teaching, Siyana!
14 jan. 2024
Student Eleonora Lebedeva
Eleonora Lebedeva
11 Bulgaars lessen
Сияна великолепный преподаватель! С каждого урока выхожу с улыбкой, процесс изучения проходит легко, задания разнообразные и очень хорошо подобраны, чтобы раскрыть все тонкости и нюансы языка. Общение тоже очень приятное и разнообразное
13 jan. 2024
Student Elliott Church
Elliott Church
21 Bulgaars lessen
I like that Siyana uses Bulgarian music and lyrics in the lessons. This is a excellent source of vocabulary and conversation, and a fun way to learn about Bulgarian cultural at the same time. Thank you for your creative approach to teaching, Siyana!
9 jan. 2024
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