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10 years teaching experience in Japan and oversea.
Uit JapanWoont in Fukuoka, Japan (05:16 UTC+09:00)
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私は日本の福岡で生まれ育ちました。大学では英語を専攻し、英語劇でキャストやスタッフをしました。卒業後はオーストラリアへ留学し、ビジネスの専門学校を卒業しました。日本へ帰ってきてからは、教育・サービス・人材紹介の業界で働いた後、日本語教師の資格を取り、日本語教師になりました。趣味も多く、バイク、キャンプ、陶芸、料理、写真、コーヒー(焙煎からドリップまで)など空いた時間に色々と楽しんでいます。 I was born and grew up in Fukuoka, Japan. In university, I majored in English language, and played musical in English as cast and staff. After Uni, studied and graduated business college in Australia. Since I came back to Japan, I have worked for education, service and recruiting industries, and then, I got the qualification of Japanese Language Instructor, and became language instructor. i enjoy my hobbies such as motorcycle, camping, pottery, cooking, photograph and coffee(roasting to brewing)

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会話練習 Conversation - 敬語~友達言葉(N4 level and higher)
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試験対策 JLPT N1~N4
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大学進学・就職準備 (書類添削・面接練習など)
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特別授業 Original tutoring
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一般日本語 Regular course with textbook
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Jacqueline Gardiner
44 Japans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Great experience, so glad I finally decided to try online tutoring out! I'm looking to brush up on my Japanese skills after years of not having an opportunity to use it and this is perfect. Ishibashi is great, the enjoyable conversation makes dusting off my knowledge enjoyable instead of intimidating. Feeling motivated and excited to keep learning!
27 mrt 2022
Tedra Elliot
9 Japans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Ishibashi is a really excellent teacher. I use Japanese for my work and am at the level where I can get by in Japanese, but I still make mistakes and have misunderstandings from time to time. He's really flexible in practicing what I want to practice for my work and daily life, and also good at preparing materials to work on high-level topics like keigo and pronunciation. He noticed and gives great advice on even very small elements of my speech that I want to know about but most people wouldn't think to comment on. I really appreciate his kind and thoughtful teaching style.
27 feb 2022
Tamara Cvjeticanin
1 Japans les
Keuze van de leerkracht
Great experience. Easy to understand Ishibashi sensei’s lesson and it was fun and helpful. His voice was clear so could easily understand him and repeat properly. His also prepared a lot of materials to practice. I was finally able to learn Japanese in an interesting and motivating way, and can’t wait to take his next class. Highly recommended
22 dec 2021
Christopher McDuffie
1 Japans les
What a great lesson! We talked about a lot and I feel more confident in my skills. I can't wait to finally go to Japan and experience firsthand what I've only seen in photos and movies!
17 mei 2023
1 Japans les
Helped me a great deal in preparing job application materials. Thank you!
15 apr 2023
1 Japans les
2 apr 2023
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