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► About me. ¡Hola! I was born in Madrid (Spain), so my accent is "castilian". I am a certified Spanish teacher. I know what problems you may encounter through your studying process and I will help you overcome them. Learning a new language is an exciting journey, not only because we are learning how native speakers talk, in addition we are learning their culture, what in some way it transforms and enriches us. I experimented it while I was studying English and Portugues and currently studying French. I am working exclusively as online Spanish teacher, so I am full time available to follow your learning process.

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#5 Simple Steps to start speaking Spanish language
A1 -  C2


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Structured Learning. Improve your communication skills through a structured environment. All levels. DELE / SIELE exams
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Contextual Learning. Improve your communication skills through: texts, pictures, audio and video.
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Specific purposes. Improve your communication skills through the topic that your are interested in.
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Real Life & Practical Cases- Improve your Spanish communication skills practicing real life situations
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Student Elaine
4 Spaans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Another great class with Antonio. He strikes a nice balance between practical conversation and learning grammar. He produces very helpful worksheets for homework so you can go deeper into conjugation and such. There's even a way to record yourself for him to review to correct pronunciation. Nicely done! Gracias Antonio!
28 dec. 2023
Student Luna CN0750
Luna CN0750
6 Spaans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Genial,es el profesor que he conocido en mi vida. Tan amable y profesional.
6 dec. 2023
Student Liz Morris
Liz Morris
51 Spaans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
I find these boxes very hard to tick ----- I'm a teacher, and I understand how difficult it is to teach languages and good teachers are using different strategies all the time, one after the other, more than one maybe to explain something so that it clicks for the student. Sometimes I have to say things twenty different ways so that it clicks for all the students, and Antonio does that: explains one way, then in another way, and often in a third way ... until eventually I understand.
9 okt. 2023
Student Barry Pike
Barry Pike
17 Spaans lessen
First time speaking Spanish in a very long time and goodness, some of what I knew had been very deeply buried. Antonio is a master of no pressure and adapting to whatever situation he finds himself in with some great pre planning too. Thanks for a great lesson - the journey back will be an interesting one!
30 mrt. 2024
Student loklam
8 Spaans lessen
Estupendo professor, divertido, atención a los detalles, y bien preparado con ejecicios. Espero con ansias más lecciones.
30 mrt. 2024
Student Sascha
1 Spaans les
Alles perfekt. Danke!
13 mrt. 2024
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