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A language lover who's already learned 5 of them, and is ready to help YOU do it, too! 🤩
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Hi there! My name's Dimitar. I'm a language lover, and my biggest passion is learning and teaching languages. I'm a native Bulgarian speaker, proficient in English and French. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Scandinavian studies with a minor in Dutch, and I have a conversational level in Spanish and Russian. In my free time, I volunteer in a non-profit organization called ESN, where I help Erasmus students have an unforgettable semester in Bulgaria! My other interests include traveling, culture, fitness, nutrition, history, geography, and geopolitics. Oh, and I love Eurovision! And I have a cute cat.

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🇧🇬 General Bulgarian ✍️
A1 -  C2


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🇧🇬 Conversational Bulgarian 🙊
A2 -  C2

Conversatie oefenen

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[TRANSLATION] English/ French/ Norwegian/ Swedish to Bulgarian
A1 -  C2


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Keuze van de leerkracht
Dimitar is by far the best teacher I’ve ever met and would 100% recommend him. We always have great conversations which make the lesson fly by very fast, with which he always comes prepared to class, and he offers very clear explanations of feedback when it comes to speaking. He is very organised and writes down all his explanations so that I can refer to them later. Absolutely recommend!
21 jun 2023
Wojciech Sosnowski
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Keuze van de leerkracht
I have been learning Bulgarian with Dimitar for three years. Thanks to the competence of the teacher, I have reached from A2 to B2\С1 level. I can now read any texts, watch films, listen to difficult lectures, conference papers etc. I communicate freely on any subject. Why did I stay for 3 years with this teacher? Because he: - is prepared for class (maybe this should be obvious, but I have had many language teachers and this is not always the case). - adapts to the needs of the student and selects materials with this in mind. He is flexible and does not push only one line e.g. by teaching from a boring textbook detached from the linguistic purity. - uses a variety of methods, techniques and didactic means - is punctual and conducts a lively lesson - is familiar with several foreign languages and thus knows how to work on errors due to language transfer - enjoys his mother tongue and the culture of his country and knows how to interest a foreigner in his country and language!
18 jun 2023
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Keuze van de leerkracht
I would give this lesson way over five stars if I could! Dimitar put the most amazing activity together for the lesson today, and I had an incredible time learning Bulgarian. I appreciate the thought and time he put into finding something that he knew would not only help me improve my language skills, but would also be fun. Amazing lesson and teacher! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
1 mrt 2023
Zachary Sale
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We were able to go over an interesting topic to me- what to do with old things, such as recycle or what have you.
27 nov 2023
Zachary Sale
6 Bulgaars lessen
Dimitar allows me to work in his framework, providing lessons for the bulk of the time, but also talking about what we are going through. He does the transcript in real time, which is really helpful.
20 nov 2023
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Както винаги, много съм удовлетворена, много се радвам да имам преподавател като Димитър. Няма да го напускам 😆 Той се адаптира и ми предлага много ресурси, разговорите ни са постоянно обогатяващи. Знам че напредвам благодарение на него. Той всеки път е грижовен, никога не се ядосва когато попитам нещо или когато трябва да ми обясни нещо няколко пъти. Негови метод ми устройва. Разбира се че препоръчвам този преподавател. Не се колебайте да го изберете!
18 nov 2023
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